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Illegal Surveillance Tactics Used By News Corp And Kabbalah In The Phone Hacking Scandal

June 16. 2012

Rupert Murdoch truly is a "dirty old man" that wants to know other people's private business

[Article background: this is another in the series of phone hacking articles the Judiciary Report has published, regarding a scandal I broke first in October 2005, via a police complaint I filed with the Metropolitan Police in London, England. 46 people have been arrested by the Metropolitan Police since the time I filed the complaint. However, the Murdochs and other key conspirators remain free and the FBI has not arrested anyone, though the crimes began and continue in News Corp's New York headquarters]

Under the law, people have a reasonable expectation to privacy. This is a known and accepted legal fact. Phone hacking, computer hacking, stalking and accessing others' medical records (without permission) are serious crimes. Yet, these are all crimes that have transpired against innocent members of the public, via Rupert Murdoch's News Corp and his cult Kabbalah, which Madonna and Demi Moore are also apart of. To get a complete picture, one must look at all the crimes being committed by News Corp. and Kabbalah in America, Britain, Australia and some parts of the Caribbean.  

Ensconced in select News Corp buildings and certain locations of the Kabbalah Center, are areas staffed by hackers, private investigators and minions, they have on call to engage in acts such as stalking to harass and or report the contents of the targets' daily movements back to them. The hackers work in tandem with the private investigators, cross referencing information illegally gained through criminal misconduct.

Phone hacking involves accessing the messages, texts and emails on a person's mobile phones. News Corp then further broke the law by printing the contents thereof, reformatted as stories for their newspapers and networks, to gain undue profits and an advantage in business.  

"Roving bugs" as they are called, are utilized when News Corp and Kabbalah hackers, surreptitiously turn on the microphone in mobile phones they phone hack, to listen into conversations taking place in any room or location the person is present. These items are then published in the newspaper or broadcasted on one of News Corp's networks. Another insidious tactic in the same family of spying as the "roving bug" is hackers surreptitiously turning on the camera or video camera of mobile phone units to visually spy on individuals. 

I've experience this in both forms, especially the latter, when my phone sitting on my desk or night stand, begins to flash on its own without me touching it and the camera notice mysteriously turns on. However, in some phones, hackers are able to manipulate it, where there is no warning from the mobile unit. 

The phone hacking scandal also involves computer hacking, which is a new investigation the Metropolitan Police in London have opened in the case this year. However, said misconduct in transpiring it other places as well, as mentioned above.

The aforementioned hackers in the employ of News Corp and Kabbalah like to surreptitiously place hidden trojans on targets computers and sometimes mobile phones, such as SystemAnti.exe, among others, to illegally spy on them. There are usually at least two trojans, sometimes four, many of them hidden and embedded deep within the computers' system to evade detection. 

Said trojans unlawfully copy themselves onto computers, jump drives or anything attached to the PC or laptop, searching for, copying and corrupting specific files and data. These trojans have been known to "phone home" as is in remotely starting the internet connection on a person's infected computer without their knowledge and transmitting the contents of the unit over the internet to News Corp and Kabbalah (if the target fails to log back on to the internet within a specific period of time). 

Said hackers also surreptitiously place keystroke loggers on victims' computers to gain passwords to email accounts and social networking pages of the targets, such as those on Twitter and Facebook, among others, while the target visits said sites. Next,  they copy the contents and forward it to News Corp and Kabbalah for illegal use (log in records for sites show the illegal access and their location points). 

If victims use flash drives/jump drives, it also enables the hackers to illegally install the trojans on any computers the device is attached to, public or private (work computers, family and friends' computers, libraries ect... whereby they spy on even more people because they feel they can). Right now, News Corp and Kabbalah have illegal trojans sitting on computer systems in America, Britain,  Australia and the Caribbean, at people's offices (government and private) and in public libraries, which are serious crimes. That's a botnet army being run by News Corp and Kabbalah and one worthy of serious imprisonment. 

Kabbalah members Madonna and Harvey Weinstein

If keystroke loggers are detected and removed by anti-spyware software on the victims' computers, News Corp and Kabbalah hackers try another deceptive, pathetic tactic. While victims are online, the hackers who work in shifts at News Corp and Kabbalah, to maintain a 24 hour illegal presence in targets computers, will engage in such activities as moving the cursor while the target types in their user name and password, hoping to expose the password by directing the cursor to an open, unencrypted field, such as a search box on the page. Most people look down at their keyboards while typing and do not notice until it is too late, regarding the desperate, pathetic, nefarious hacker moving the cursor from where they had originally pointed it in the encrypted password field box.

Another danger is regarding browsers such as Mozilla's Firefox. While it is a great browser, hackers exploit the automatic default setting of "store passwords" and simply click the button that reveals the targets' passwords and corresponding websites. That's another thing, storing one's passwords to avoid logging in and out of sites, allows hackers access in stealth mode, where you can't see what they are doing while you are online.   

Another way hackers obtain phone hack victims' passwords is to email websites and social networking account services and correctly fill in user information under the "lost password" section. Security questions usually include such items as "mother's maiden name" which is often gained via public information on celebrities (their bios) or the private investigators on staff at News Corp and Kabbalah doing government searches to obtain said family data.  

For victims who have websites that use call in pins, hackers at News Corp and Kabbalah, use the private investigators on staff to listen into calls regarding passwords and pin numbers spoken over the phone to access accounts, then access it shortly after.

News Corp and Kabbalah miscreants have also been known to open, read and then put people's mail back in the box. In some instances, they outright steal other people's mail, particularly those communications regarding financial matters and personal family business. For a time when I would come home and check my mail box, the letters were opened, but placed back in the box, after clearing having been read by a third party, judging by the state of the envelopes and how the letters were hastily refolded creating new, uneven lines. Such things never happened to me before the phone hacking case. 

If some of you remember correctly, years ago I wrote of a identity theft incident regarding Madonna's Kabbalah cult, where my account at Transatlantic Bank in Miami, was illegally accessed by a hacker who spent $2,000 online until he was stopped by my debit card company that noticed the unusual activity and phoned me to confirm. At the time I was in Miami (East Coast), but the hacker's misconduct was taking place online on the West Coast. When I was interviewed by the FBI in 2005 about the illegal phone hacking, wiretapping and criminal copyright infringement by Madonna's Kabbalah, I gave them the evidence from my bank. 

Roughly 8-months later in the summer of 2006, I received a letter from the FBI about the case, stating I am a victim of crime. However, according to one of my very reliable, unimpeachable international sources that has given me some of my exclusives, the case was impeded after the aforementioned letter went out, as Madonna became nervous of going to prison for the crimes she commission and criminally profited from and bribed the head of the FBI, Robert S. Mueller, to launch a cover-up. That's when the stonewalling began and the subsequent illegal refusal to release the investigative files, under the Freedom of Information Act, showing Madonna's guilt and that of News Corp and Kabbalah. 

The FBI's Pinocchio, Robert S. Mueller, is constantly lying to Congress

This is the risk you take when you do business in America, as there is so much lawbreaking going on in the corporate sector by folks like News Corp and others in Hollywood and the sole agency responsible for investigating such crimes, the FBI, is completely and thoroughly corrupt and open to bribes.

News Corp and Murdoch's cult Kabbalah also use drones to illegally follow people's movements. Murdoch was outed in the mainstream press for using drones. Some of the drones are fitted with infrared technology, permitting them to illegal detect what is going on in homes and offices. Some of the drones also have computer technology onboard that enables them to collect usernames and passwords, among other things, while flying over homes and businesses they target (Similar to what Google has been investigated for in Britain and Europe).    


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