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Rupert Murdoch's News Corp Is Under Investigation For Computer Hacking And Corporate Theft

August 19. 2011


Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch's News International/News Corp, is under criminal investigation by the Metropolitan Police, for not just "phone hacking" but computer hacking as well, in a case titled "Operation Tuleta." It has been discovered that a number of people have been hacked by News International/News Corp, via computer intrusion, which also encompassed illegally prying into emails as well. 

This week, several publications have written in detail of a software trojan, News International/News Corp, used to illegally access the computers of politicians, celebrities and victims of crime. A member of Parliament was hacked in 2006 and a private photo he had taken with his mistress, was illegally copied via hacking and published in Murdoch's newspapers as a scoop regarding the extramarital affair. This conduct was completely illegal, as hacking is a crime. This month, attorneys are now publicly stating they have famous clients, who were hacked by News International/News Corp as well.   

Article Background: In 2005, the complaint I filed with the Metropolitan Police regarding News International/News Corp, formally accused them of illegal wiretapping and computer hacking. Six months later in 2006, two News/International/News Corp employees were arrested for illegal wiretapping and phone hacking. 

My unpublished articles I'd written for my websites, were being hacked and copied from my computers and emails, then published in News International papers as scoops and exclusives. Items I privately discussed over the phone with musically and politically connected people, were also used in later published News International articles VERBATIM as they had been spoken over the phone days prior. Preexisting, unpublished, Library of Congress copyrighted music and films I authored that were stored on my computers, were illegally copied and later used by Rupert Murdoch's Fox and 20th Century Fox (News Corp), among others, for profit. 


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