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Megan Fox Wants To Play "Carrie" But Didn't She Already...

May 23. 2011

Megan Fox

This week, fired "Transformers" actress, Megan Fox, expressed an interest in playing the lead role in a newly announced remake of the grotesque, bloody film "Carrie." However, didn't you do that already. In 2009, the Judiciary Report stated, "Jennifer’s Body" is a big rip off of "Carrie" ("Jennifer's Body" Is A "Carrie" Reboot). The Judiciary Report also predicted "Jennifer's Body" would flop and months later it did (Megan Fox’s Macabre Movie Bombs). Not to mention, the screenwriter, Diablo Cody, later admitted being a big fan of the film that initiated Fox’s career slide. 

Lindsay Lohan 

Hollywood troublemaker Lindsay Lohan is also pursuing the lead role in the remake. Could it be because she is actually crazy like "Carrie." My bad, "Carrie" was crazy, but she was also sober. While most 24-year-old actresses can convincingly play teens on film, Lohan looks twice her age, so how would she pull that off. 


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