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News Corp's Rebekah Brooks Lied Under Oath

Contradicts Herself In Parliament

July 20. 2011

2003 Hearing (Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson)


In 2003, former News International/News Corp executive and journalist, Rebekha Brooks, clearly stated in the British Parliament, "We have paid the police for information in the past" with former co-worker and fellow arrestee Andy Coulson chiming in that they did so "within the law."

2011 Hearing (see 2:10 for Brooks' statements)


During yesterday's hearing, gone was Brooks' arrogance from her previous jaunt in Parliament, replaced by denials that completely contradict Brooks' 2003 testimony, as she stated this week, "I can say that I have never paid a policeman myself. I've never sanctioned or knowingly sanctioned a payment to a police officer." Right (sarcasm).

Rebekah Brooks

Side Bar: I must ask, because your statements are so preposterous, when and in what nation of the world is it legal, to bribe police officers for information. Exactly what planet are you and News Corp on. I know you are aware that paying police officers for information equals a bribe, which indicates conduct lacking ethics, transparency and legality. It is commonsense that if you have to pay police officers for information it means you should not acquire possession of the data you seek.


Rupert Murdoch

Back to the article. Brooks' original hearing 8-years ago, grants the public the ability to now fast-forward and view what the failure to clamp down on Rupert Murdoch's evil empire in 2003, has morph into, via a horrific scandal that has so violated the innocent people, including missing children that were later found murdered, it defies comprehension that any company could be so sick, wicked and greedy.


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