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Rupert Murdoch Has Proven He Cannot Be Trusted

April 22. 2011

Rupert Murdoch and his wife Wendi Murdoch

Media baron, Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp and News International, has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that he cannot be trusted. His companies are mired in a terrible, criminal invasion of privacy scandal, which involves phone hacking and wiretapping.  

Since the time I broke the story in 2005 and was the first to out Murdoch and company on this thoroughly criminal misconduct, having experienced it firsthand and having to file a police complaint over it, small inquiries have been done by the Metropolitan Police, with few arrests being made (Rupert Murdoch Finally Admits His Company's Phone Hacking And Wiretapping Crimes). 

In spite of the fact he is a family man, Murdoch has no qualms about violating the privacy of other families

Even in the face of the arrests, Murdoch, who knew of, commissioned, condoned and participated in the criminal misconduct,  never once desisted engaging in said criminal behavior. He is unrepentant and stubbornly so, as Murdoch and his employees believe they are above everyone else and entitled to criminally violate the privacy of anyone they deem a profitable target.    

They’ve repeatedly been caught in terrible lies throughout the scandal that negatively impacted the public. It is thought thousands of people have been illegally wiretapped and hacked by Murdoch, in conduct that is so unseemly and arrogant, it warrants the strongest criminal charges.


Sienna Miller is one of the actresses targeted by Murdoch and his insidious illegal spying. Miller, among others, have sued him in British court.

This is a man that has been sharing classified information with anyone he sees fit, in conduct that has crossed into criminal territory, via what can only be referred to as spying. He has gone into world legislatures with this criminal misconduct, spewing classified information he should not have been privy to in the first place. 

He was quite foolish to do this, but such is Murdoch's arrogance that he bought into the delusion he can commit any foul crime and get away with it. Well he can’t and he shall learn that under the harshest possible terms, within the scope of the law. There is more to this scandal than meets the eye and Murdoch will answer for it within the confines of the law. 

Oh, they can hear you now, as the commercial says!

Rupert Murdoch and co. have also disgraced the Metropolitan Police. People are actively asking in the press, on video and in feedback sections online, why the Metropolitan Police launched a "cover up." No one was worth the police’s name, as that means the British public losing confidence and trust in their authorities. 

How can this be a good thing...and all over Murdoch. It is time he is reined in, as he is breaking the law. Murdoch is a corrupt criminal meddling in international politics, in ways that are completely illegal. This behavior must not be tolerated, as it flies in the face of democracy. 


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