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Prominent Editor Accuses News Corp Of Stalking And Bullying People

August 4. 2011

This week, New York magazine editor, Frank Rich, made an appearance on the Joy Behar Show, to denounce Rupert Murdoch's News International/News Corp, due to his bad experiences with the company's employees stalking and bullying people perceived to be personal or business enemies.

Rupert Murdoch and his sons Lachlan Murdoch and James Murdoch, who along with their sister, Elisabeth Murdoch, are News Corp employees

"Stalking" is another point/complaint I formally made made about them in 2005 to the police. Please realize, psychiatrists publicly classify stalking as a mental disorder that is unacceptable, inappropriate and most of all, illegal. Yet, News Corp and the people in that set, see it as a way of life. It is repulsive and offensive when one is so openly confronted by such abrasive, in-your-face criminality.

Frank Rich

There's something very wrong there, as there is a strange disconnect from reality, present in the aforementioned individuals' minds, for them to be brazenly commissioning and engaging in such unlawful and unethical behavior, via stalking and criminal invasion of privacy (phone hacking, computer hacking and wiretapping). It defies every societal norm, but they are trying to pass off these crimes as no big deal.


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