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Rupert Murdoch News Corp Journalist Found Dead

The Public Wonders If Old Gangster Rupert Was Involved

July 18. 2011

Rupert Murdoch (front right) with three of his former employees, Les Hinton who resigned last week (left), Andy Coulson who was arrested this month (back left) and Rebekah Brooks (back right) who was arrested this past Sunday

Scandal ridden CEO, Rupert Murdoch, is at the center of conspiracy theories tonight, as one of his journalists, Sean Hoare, who was the first employee from the News Corp, to blow the whistle on him in a September 7, 2010 article, was found dead in his Watford, England home this evening. Police were called to Hoare's home in northwest London, in an incident they have described as, "Unexplained, but not suspicious."        

Sean Hoare

Hoare told the Watford Observer newspaper in 2010, that former News International/News Corp employee, Andy Coulson, 43, who was arrested arrested this month, encouraged him to illegally hack and wiretap people's phones for stories to publish. Hoare's 2010 interview, as a former employee of News International/News Corp, confirmed the written claims I made to the Met Police YEARS PRIOR in 2005 (formal complaint). 

Andy Coulson

As much as Murdoch tries to deny the scandal, he is a man that foolishly went into the U.S. Congress over a year ago, spouting off items from illegally hacked email and text messages, during an open hearing. Murdoch knew, commissioned, orchestrated and personally profited from the illegal phone hacking and he should go to prison for it, as should his grown children, who are involved in the scandal.

Rupert Murdoch and his sons Lachlan and James Murdoch

Murdoch and his son James, who is also deeply involved in the criminal misconduct, are scheduled to appear in the British Parliament tomorrow, for intense questioning. regarding the disgraceful scandal that has swept the world. People are genuinely appalled and have protested Murdoch in Britain and America, over his illegal,  unconscionable newsgathering methods they want gone, as it is a criminal violation of privacy, in the name of profits.


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