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Rupert Murdoch's Smug Mug Hit With A Pie During Parliamentary Hearing

July 19. 2011

Rupert Murdoch and his son, James Murdoch, were summons to the British Parliament today, to testify about their criminal misconduct, via the family’s company News International/News Corp, illegally wiretapping and hacking 9,000 phone lines in Britain.

During the contentious hearing, which I will write about shortly, a British man named Jonnie Marbles, real name Jonathan May-Bowles (any relation to Duchess Camilla Parker Bowles Windsor) pie’d Murdoch right in his smug mug.


Rupert Murdoch getting a pie to the face (Photo Credit: TMZ)

In watching the display, the British blood in me was outraged - no, not that Murdoch got hit with the foam - I was incensed that the cameraman had the camera at the wrong angle, providing only a back shot and not a front close up of Murdoch getting pie'd in the face. My ancestors fought in British wars and served their nation for centuries...only for the cameraman to ruin this moment of Murdoch schadenfreude for me! I demand a reshoot (grin)!

Seriously, I was watching the incident in a hotel restaurant and the television was muted. I thought to myself, did I  see that correctly, did somebody just jump Murdoch or did he keel over from the stress? Christmas has come early (still grinning).


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