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The FBI Busted Hiding Evidence

May 28. 2011

Barack Obama

The FBI has been caught red-handed this month, hiding evidence and files in civil and criminal court cases, which is a serious violation of their congressional mandate. Attorney, Jesse Trentadue, flat out accused the FBI of this misconduct and stated, "They hide things." The FBI does have a secret file room the Judiciary Report exposed the existence of a few years ago, which was later confirmed by mainstream press articles (The FBI's Secret File Room).

Hiding Freedom of Information Act files and other pertinent evidence in cases, also constitutes obstruction of justice, a very serious matter that the FBI clearly takes lightly. If you as a member of the public, hid information or evidence from the FBI, you would be promptly charged with obstruction of justice and sent to prison. Yet, the FBI hides evidence and files every single day, in blatant violation of the law. Can you say hypocrisy. They ask of the public, what they themselves do not do. 

FBI Director Robert S. Mueller

The Judiciary Report is not surprised, as for years the site has complained of the FBI hiding Freedom of Information Act files, to cover the crimes of rich and famous people. Millions have read about their misconduct in this regard, on the Judiciary Report, which culminated into this case: The FBI Corruptly Granted "Sovereign Immunity" In The Aisha v. FBI Case

The Judiciary Report wrote about it online and published a copy of the lawsuit, so the public could witness it for themselves - and even under the Obama Administration, with the President being informed of the violations of the Freedom of Information Act, in a case where there is a demonstrable threat to human life, the corruption and criminal misconduct continues. I'm still being attacked and harassed every week by Madonna's sick Kabbalah cult. Looking forward to the 2012 election, as you all know who will not be receiving this website's support. A website, might I add, read by millions.   


Records show FBI practice of hiding evidence in secret databases

Friday, May 13, 2011 5:15 p.m. - SALT LAKE CITY A federal court hearing regarding allegedly hidden Oklahoma City bombing videotapes raised questions about the FBI evidence filing system that a Salt Lake attorney says shows a pattern of deception. "They hide things. That's for sure," said Jesse Trentadue.

Court documents from various cases, an Associated Press story and a recent court order in California suggest the FBI has routinely concealed evidence from defense attorneys and others seeking records through the Freedom of Information Act. Trentadue believes the agency has withheld from him surveillance footage from the Alfred P. Murrah Building and police dashcam video of Timothy McVeigh on the day of the deadly explosion...

In a U.S. District Court hearing this week, Trentadue recited a recent history of FBI information storage systems bearing names such as "june files," "zero files, "I-drive" and now "S-drive...



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