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Obama Vows To Overhaul Healthcare System

March 5. 2009


For full speech click here

President Barack Obama held a healthcare summit today at the White House. He is pledging to undertake many items of reform, but I am quite skeptical after having been a victim of the same healthcare system, so entrenched in technicalities, loopholes and questionable conduct, that I am beyond disappointed in it.

While, I do not like discussing my medical records publicly, as it is my personal business, to illustrate my point I will. I want the nation and the world to see what really goes on and what the government is truly like.

FBI Director Robert Mueller pictured above. The FBI claimed three times they are investigating my case, yet like cowards, treacherously did not rein in criminals openly violating my rights in ways that arrogantly defy the U.S. Code and Constitution and it could have cost me my life. When it comes to the FBI, the government needs to place an asterisk beside the phrase, "Liberty and Justice for all." 

As many of you know that read my site, in October 2008, due to the criminal negligence of the FBI, headed by the ever corrupt, racist, xenophobic, treacherous coward, Robert S. Mueller, who deliberately failed to rein in known criminals in Hollywood, led by Madonna, who has been targeting me with copyright theft, commissioned attempted murder, criminal harassment, emailed and verbal death threats, home break-ins, hacking and invasion of privacy, as they have been stealing items from my Copyrighted Catalog, worth billions, I ended up in the hospital emergency room with a form of an aneurysm (brain hemorrhage).

Vice President Joe Biden suffered two aneurysms

The doctors at the hospital stated the hemorrhage was brought on by stress, as I had no preexisting medical conditions, had never been sick before in my life beyond a few basic colds and passed every test the physicians administered in the hospital. They were kind to me and I have nothing against them, but I do have something against the U.S. federal government.

I knew it was stress that brought on the hemorrhage, that was accompanied by intense migraines, terrible “thunderclap” headaches, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, blurred vision and constant fatigue. These are things I'd never experienced before, as I was always in good health.

However, when a psychotic pop star in a crazy cult, Madonna, became so fixated, determined and obsessed with stealing from and harassing one, to the point she ripped off, desecrated and butchered my preexisting copyrighted life story apart of a 2006 documentary I wrote, for her so-called directorial debut two years later in 2008, the stress from the misconduct can affect one's health.

When said insane pop star, on separate occasions, pays thugs in a local branch of her sick cult, Kabbalah, following the tactics of her now incarcerated private investigator Anthony Pellicano, to attempt to forcefully run you over with their vehicle in broad daylight, even once when your mother was present and could have been crushed by a wheel of the vehicle, it will affect your health. Show of hands, if it happened to you, how many of you would deem that a stressful and traumatic event.

President Barack Obama

When that same degenerate pop star pays members of her local cult, to repeatedly break into your home, for which you have police reports and steal CD-ROM discs with preexisting copyrights on them, already registered in the Library Of Congress, that the lunatic pop star then begins to illegally use and sell to cronies in Hollywood, destroying over 20 years of your life's work, including holding up vital patents via their conduct, show of hands, how many of you would deem that a stressful event.

They even broke into my home on Thanksgiving of all days, while we were out to dinner at a friend's house, removing the Windows password and going through my private computer, looking for newer copyrights.

I worked hard all my life at my trade. Then this washed up, greedy mafia-wannabe pop star, Madonna, steals my copyrighted assets, then opens her little black book and unprovoked starts getting me blacklisted in entertainment, while cutting dirty deals with my work, to keep me from earning a living at my chosen profession using my own property. She did so in a bid to clear the way, so she and her cronies could criminally enrich themselves at my expense, reaping many millions in ill-gotten wealth from my Copyrighted Catalog, like America is the wild wild west with no laws and she can do any illegal thing she pleases, like I'm some slave. Show of hands, how many of you would deem that a stressful event.

While, this is going on, the corrupt, black people despising and Muslim hating FBI, sat back and allowed me to almost get murdered more than once and thoroughly robbed of everything I have worked for, my privacy despicably invaded. This severe misconduct rendered a once healthy individual physically ill with a brain hemorrhage.

Vice President Joe Biden knows something about hemorrhages, as he’s had two. In his case it was most likely brought on by stress as well, as he has seen a number of sad events in his life.

Having a brain hemorrhage is not cheap, especially when the FBI has allowed a criminal pop star to steal just about everything you own. As a U.S. citizen, one is supposed to be entitled to certain rights and services under the law. After all, my family and I have been paying our taxes in America for 30 years.

After having been criminally robbed of a fortune in copyrights, blacklisted to facilitate further illegal thefts of copyright, there’s not much money coming in, especially to cover major medical bills.

I contact the government regarding services available to all U.S. citizens under the same circumstances, regarding a whopping hospital bill well over $15,000 for services rendered, as the hospital deserves to be paid and I am denied. Said bill includes an emergency room visit, 3 days hospitalization, numerous doctors concerned due to an unprecedented brain hemorrhage that occurred, thanks to the tremendous level of harassment, antagonizing and stress, that was placed on one, therefore they run every blood test they can, 2 CT scans, a full body MRI, an angioplasty, an EKG and brain ultrasound.

I was made sick by the criminal misconduct that transpired against me thanks to Madonna and co., the FBI sat idly by engaging in criminal negligence and let it happen, because the illegal activity was bringing in unearned millions in money and accolades to Hollywood, in acts that thoroughly violate the Civil Rights Act - and to spit in my face once more, the U.S. government denied me access to medial benefits all citizens are entitled to.

The government has been discriminating against me, due to me speaking out about the civil rights violations and human rights abuses that occurred in the Madonna case, which the FBI has not halted, thought they are legally obligated to do so.

To put it in perspective, even before Nadya Suleman, the publicly derided mother of the nation's heavily publicized octuplets, got inseminated, she injured her back on the job, was given full government benefits and they paid all her medical bills, because she was unable to. Clearly, the back injury couldn’t have been that severe, as Suleman later carried 8 babies at once.

Back injury vs. "life threatening" brain hemorrhage, which one do you think is more serious (rhetorical). 

Madonna and her cronies criminally steal many millions in preexisting copyrights from me, the government collected millions in tax revenue on it, I got sick because of the abuse, commissioned murder attempts, harassment and vile thefts of copyright, sustained what the NIH refers to as a “life threatening” brain bleed, which is something you can’t fake and my hospital records support this fact and I am denied medical benefits by the government, available to all U.S. citizens in this predicament.  

The government’s criminal negligence in allowing a criminal pop star to roam free and commit serious felonies against me, that many have witnessed, caused the hemorrhage, yet all my rights are illegally suspended once again, in violation of the constitution and U.S. Code. Once again, the government needs to place an asterisk beside the phrase, "Liberty and Justice for all." 

And that ladies and gentlemen is the healthcare system. Obama says he will fix it – but respectfully, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Side bar: the insulting icing on the cake - I'm still being criminally harassed by Madonna and her Kabbalah kooks, which is a violation of the doctors' "no stress" orders regarding my recuperation, all while the FBI allows them to continue breaking the law at my expense in violating my rights. Rather than do something about it, the FBI reads this site everyday! And they wonder why I slam them the way I do in my articles. They're corrupt and haven't changed since Martin Luther King jr., days when they did their level best to destroy him, many attributing his bloody murder to them. You have blood on your hands, again, pardon the pun. You have a lot to answer to God for.


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