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Rihanna Is Still Stuck On Chris Brown Who Is Stuck On Other Chicks

August 16. 2012


It's amazing how fast woman beating R&B singer Chris Brown has gotten over music sheep Rihanna, yet she is still stuck on him. Brown sometimes uses Rihanna for sex, even when a judge's restraining order was in existence, barring him from contacting her. Yet like a brainless bimbo, Rihanna continues to fawn over Brown, a man that beat her within an inch of her life (literally). He was trying to choke her to death after bashing her face in. 

Chris Brown

After all of that, she is still willing to have sex with him, in something that could not mean much to him, as he continues to mess with women in Florida, Virginia, New York and California. As you all know, he even has a girlfriend, Karrueche Tran, who puts up with all his cheating, as he lavishes gifts on her that he doesn't give Rihanna anymore. Ironically, even Tran is getting more from Brown than Rihanna, who has settled for being second best.


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