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Sony Broken By Anonymous $24 Billion Dollar Hack

May 6. 2011


Howard Stringer's arrogance and negligence, believing no one could dare touch them, came back to haunt Sony 

Sony has been broken by the $24 billion dollar hack that transpired against the corporation over the past few weeks. Only to be hit by a second damaging hack last week. The public is calling for the resignation of Sony CEO, Howard Stringer, who mysteriously fell out of sight when all the turmoil and bad press hit the company. He surfaced today with his tail between his legs, issuing a belated and ineffective apology, after a scathing article slammed his cowardice and lack of backbone.

Sony stated this week, as the Judiciary Report did last week (Sony Badly Hit By $24 Billion Dollar Hack) the hacker collective Anonymous is behind the massive hack the company sustained, disabling their systems, knocking their PlayStation sites off line and stealing the personal and financial data of tens of millions of customers.

Sony stated earlier in the week that they found a file on their server that is the calling card of Anonymous. The file was not only titled "Anonymous" it read "we are legion" which is their slogan. Anonymous denied all responsibility for the hack, but why would they claim credit, as it would equal decades in prison. 

Sony is facing a financial crisis from the Anonymous hack and earthquake/tsunami that could bankrupt them

Either way, Anonymous could state it was someone else pretending to be them. The FBI, who Sony called to report the hack, is  not good with computers (LOL). However, regarding Sony, it's not so nice when you have to deal with the FBI as the shoe is on the other foot, now is it. 

Some of you may be wondering how I knew last week Anonymous is the one that attacked the company, before Sony made the announcement yesterday, regarding the calling card they found on their server. I had nothing to do with it, but it doesn't take a genius to figure out that when someone says they are going to pimp slap you in an extraordinary way, then they do, who it was that issued the slap-age. For weeks Anonymous warned Sony they were going to get them (see: hack) and their initial blow to the company was just a test (see: diversion) while they did the real damage (see: monster hack and identity theft).  

Ironically, the hack does not seem to have been that difficult for Anonymous, as news has since surfaced revealing, Sony's security software was not up to date or strong. It did not meet even basic, up to date security standards. Considering lawsuits are being filed against Sony left right and center, this tidbit is going to work against them in court, as it reveals criminal negligence. Once again, I am only sympathetic to Sony's customers and not the actual company, as it has a history of abusing and robbing innocent people for financial gain.


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