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Britney Spears And Madonna Were Lovers

December 28. 2010

Britney Spears

Pop singers, Britney Spears, 29 and Madonna, 5200, were lovers. An unimpeachable source that has given me a number of exclusives, informed me last week that the two were secretly lovers, but I didn't want to post it on Saturday and ruin your Christmas dinners.

However, the two had a falling out. Madonna was not happy with Spears gaining the majority of the attention and publicity from their kiss at the MTV Awards a few years ago and was offended when word got back to her that Britney called her "old."

Lecherous, Madonna, lives for publicity and frequently embarrasses herself for it, even paying journalists and bloggers to write glowing items about her, more than any other celebrity. It is apart of Madonna's monthly budget, which is very fake. One celebrity blogger in particular, bragged to another about clearing thousands for doing so.


Madonna used Kabbalah to manipulate and control Spears, exploiting her in a massive way for publicity. Spears became schizophrenic, was sectioned twice and committed to the psychiatric wards of hospitals, as a result of the cult's teachings that most Jewish people decry as causing mental illness in many. This ended in a court ordered conservatorship Spears is still managed by, due to her diminished mental state.

It's not the first time desperate nutjob Madonna brainwashed a love interest (see: Alex Rodriguez scandal)

Critics had named Spears Madonna's heir apparent to the music bimbo throne of debauchery. Madonna disliked it, became jealous (as she has been regarding others, such as Whitney Houston, who she enviously got into an argument with over actor Kevin Costner) and did things in the industry to sabotage Spears. 

Spears also unwittingly did things to further offend unbalanced Madonna, such as asking her to play her mom in a movie, which infuriated the latter no end, as she continues to think she is 21.


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