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Insurance Company Seeks Court Order To Drop Usher's Coverage Stating He Did Not Disclose The Fact He Has Genital Herpes

Insurance Company Gives Credence To Claims Usher Has Genital Herpes And Has Been Recklessly Infecting Others

August 11. 2017

Usher in concert

Some celebrities buy insurance coverage that provides them with legal representation in the event they are sued. Embattled singer, Usher, is currently in court regarding two lawsuits filed against him alleging he exposed three women and one man to genital herpes. There are two lawsuit, as the first case was secretly settled for $1,100,000.

The second lawsuit filed against Usher is for $20,000,000, as the female plaintiff has tested positive for genital herpes. The second lawsuit has three plaintiffs - two women and a gay man. Plaintiff Quantasia Sharpton, who does not have herpes, but states she had sex with Usher 2-years ago, came forward this week and told her side of the story.

Usher's most recent album cover "Hard II Love" features his likeness in a statue. As noted by a few people online, the album cover looks like someone with sores on their face. Genital herpes infections (herpes simplex two) can appear on the eyes, cheeks and lip, as seen in the "Hard II Love" album photo. If a person touches a herpes sore and then their eyes, the infection can transfer to the eye and emerge as an outbreak on said region of the face. Even the title "Hard II Love" is telling.

New York Marine and General Insurance Company retained an attorney to make an appearance in the $20,000,000 lawsuit filed by a Jane Doe. The insurance company stated in a motion they will not be paying Usher's legal fees or any subsequent settlements, as the police he purchased does not include, "Bodily injury...arising out of the transmission of any communicable diseases" by the policy holder. Translation: Usher is out of gas.

Usher has yet to respond to any of the claims, which is making him look guilty. If someone made such a serious allegation against you, would you not deny it immediately if it were untrue, to stem the damage to your name and career. No publicist would advise a client to take the non-existent course of action Usher has, as his silence has aided in destroying his name.


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