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Madonna Booed In London At The Premiere Of Her Copyright Infringing Film “We”


October 24. 2011

Madonna looking rough and crazy in London this week (Photo Credit: Radar Online)

Thieving pop singer, troublemaker and all around menace, Madonna, was loudly booed at the London, England premiere of her copyright infringing film “We” which she stole and said she directed with the assistance of the royal family. Britons lined up outside the theatre to let the Materialess Girl know exactly what they think of her, by roundly booing her.

Of course, she will say it was a conspiracy, but did she stop to think that people just don’t like her, as she behaves like an evil witch. There are many American stars that have been cheered, hugged, kissed and photographed at London premieres. This is about Madonna and her bad behavior.

That’s what she gets for being a thief, fraud and a liar. This woman has never done an honest day’s work in her life. She is no more a director than Rupert Murdoch is a fashion model. I’ve never seen anyone try so hard to pretend to be things she obviously is not. She is a talentless tart that got a record deal on her back, then prostituted herself and her body for years to gain publicity, while stealing countless people’s copyrights to fund her lavish lifestyle. Hardly a pillar of society is she.

Note to leatherface Madonna: go sit your leathery backside down somewhere and shut up. Nobody wants to hear your Kabbalah nonsense and crazed ramblings, you obsessive, vicious madwoman.


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Madonna Booed At The Screening Of 'W.E.' In London

Posted on Oct 23, 2011 @ 07:12PM - Madonna got a chilly reception when she walked the red carpet at the screening of her new film W.E. in London on Sunday, and for once the English weather wasn't to blame.

The Queen of Pop was booed by the British crowd when she arrived at the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square for the screening of her film at the 55th annual BFI London Film Festival in her adopted homeland.




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