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Chris Brown Cheating On Rihanna Finally Hits Home As She Releases A Twitter Picture Of Herself Topless And Teary Eyed

September 28. 2012

Rihanna before the bad news about Brown 

It's finally coming home to 24-year-old music model, Rihanna (you know she can't sing, so why pretend) that her boyfriend, crooner Chris Brown, 22, is cheating on her with different women, as the Judiciary Report has maintained for many months. Rihanna has been cooing over him online, then he basically embarrasses her with a PDA with another woman that has the internet talking.

When news broke two days ago of Brown getting into a tongue hockey session in making out with singer, Nicole Sherzinger, 34, at a Los Angeles club, Rihanna did not take it well. I guess she meant it when she sang the lyric, "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me." Sherzinger is pretty and has a dancer's body. It certainly looks like she caught Brown's wandering eye. 

Rihanna kissing Chris Brown at the MTV Awards before the bad news about him cheating

Rihanna, proving how weak and wack she is, released a topless picture, covering one eye, usually the left one in the demonic Illuminati practice, with tears in her eyes - or did Brown punch her in the eye again. With these two, one never knows, as it is a toxic, abusive relationship, plagued by violence and infidelity. 

Copyright thief and faker Rihanna claims to be so tough and hard, yet once again here we have it, bawling in public over a man that only cares about himself. Weak!  Furthermore, I have it on very good authority, Rihanna is still committing adultery with married mentor Jay-Z, which wife Beyonce tolerates (another weak one). So how is she going to get mad at Brown, who is not married, but cheating on her (and his other girlfriends) with an unmarried woman. Rihanna is the greater sinner in this case. 

Woman beater Chris Brown with tattoo of battered woman on his neck

Scherzinger denies anything happened, but the pictures say otherwise and club-goers who looked up in the VIP, saw the two passionately kissing and told on them. Scherzinger's boyfriend, race car cutie, Lewis Hamilton, could not be pleased. Considering the sheer number of women trying to land him, Scherzinger is in trouble if she is to keep him. 


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