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The Daily Mail Is Actively Engaging In Hacking, Phone Hacking And Wiretapping

Their Sales Have Fallen 15% This Year

November 30. 2011


The Daily Mail newspaper in Britain is not owned by Rupert Murdochís News Corp, which is currently embroiled in a terrible phone hacking scandal that I broke first via filing a police complaint, but they are committing the same crimes as well, which I will illustrate in this article, as I am sick of that newspaper and their privacy intrusions that continue to this day.

Once again, the common denominator in all of this, with emphasis on the word common, is Madonna. Her unlawful behavior is what alerted me to the criminal misconduct of her fellow Kabbalah member, Rupert Murdoch and his News Corp company, which triggered the aforementioned 2005 Metropolitan Police complaint I filed, blowing the whistle on their perverse conduct spying on people, via illegal practices, such as phone hacking.

Iíve been writing online for several months that the Daily Mail is also involved in criminal phone hacking, among other things (as is the BBC). Shortly after I wrote said articles on the Judiciary Report, regarding the Daily Mail, lawmakers and legal authorities in London, England publicly stated the criminal practice of phone hacking has been occurring at other newspapers as well and is not solely confined to those belonging to Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

I noticed the criminal phone hacking regarding the Daily Mail more recently and their behavior, in tandem with ringleader and pervert Madonna, has become very arrogant, intrusive and downright disgusting. It began happening after I would lawfully and publicly quote or link to items from the Daily Mail UK on the Judiciary Report, a practice most journalists and bloggers do regarding a number of sites, as allowed by law.

However, Madonna and the Kabbalah Center, who are under criminal investigation by two federal agencies in America (the IRS and supposedly the FBI), read my websites everyday, as attested by site statistics. I have noticed, when I write about certain people or topics or link to a website, Madonna and Kabbalah publicly hire for a project or try to rope the person into their religious cult or begin placing paid items on that site/publication about themselves, along with copyright infringing items contained in the pieces.

Next it turned into arrogantly printing items in the Daily Mail attributing them to Madonna and or the newspaper, that were criminally lifted from my previous business and personal phone calls and text messages VERBATIM (word for word). In short, they began turning my emails, text messages and phone calls they wiretapped into Madonna articles in the Daily Mail. They've done this dozens of times.

It is being done utilizing the dirty practice of phone hacking and illegal wiretapping, crimes Madonna and Kabbalah's private investigator in America, Anthony Pellicano went to prison for, prompting them to hire new snoops, such as Gavin De Becker, who is actively breaking the law in several nations. 

For example, I copyrighted an item for a forthcoming patent called the "Seeing Eye Phone" with the Library of Congress, which is a device whose goal is to help blind people, see via a specialized ray of vision from the phone's camera and an additional apparatus. The name I chose "Seeing Eye Phone" comes from the term "seeing eye dog" which blind people use as a guide to walk around town. I also did what experts refer to as a "poor manís copyright" where you can text, email or mail an item to yourself, which serves as an instant copyright that is good in international courts of law, as recognized by the United Nations and its WIPO.

I sent myself a private text messages to my private email box for my website www.aishamusic.com as a reminder about the "Seeing Eye Phone." I get so many ideas all the time, so some of them I text or email to my main email box when I have no paper handy to jot them down or text a  reminder to my main email box I am in off, regarding a previous item (a reminder to work on the previously copyrighted item some more).  

I sent a text from my phone to my email box regarding the "Seeing Eye Phone" as a reminder, as it is an item that I copyrighted and had previously placed a time stamp on via a third method of proving authorship and the date thereof. The date on my text message to my email box is June 4, 2011:



ONE MONTH LATER on July 5, 2011, the Daily Mail in conjunction with Madonna, after engaging in phone hacking and hacking, passed on my previous, private text message I'd sent to my email box about the "Seeing Eye Phone" to someone at Oxford University in England, who is dishonestly and fraudulently taking credit for it in conduct that constitutes a string of criminal felonies in three nations. 

Here is a screen cap of the the Daily Mail article dated July 5, 2011, announcing the rip-off of my "Seeing Eye Phone" they have begun working on at Oxford University, via a questionable device that ALSO uses a "camera" and "phone" to help "blind people see" ...one month after CRIMINALLY stealing it from my text message/email box via phone hacking:

 A screen cap of the July 5, 2011 Daily Mail article one month after they stole the device from my text message/email box via phone hacking in conjunction with Madonna.

As mentioned previous, chronic thief Madonna and her criminal conduct regarding copyright theft, among other things, as described here in this lawsuit, has interfered with the release of my forthcoming cancer and AIDS patents, regarding improving human health and prolonging life (click here for more information).  

It's a very dangerous thing they are doing, regarding a fool like Madonna, with the IQ of a piece of plywood, attempting to play around with health and science items she and her fellow fools do not understand. When one steals a copyrighted piece of entertainment, such as a song, as Madonna so frequently does then illegally takes credit for, the work is devalued and damaged and the true owner defrauded, via the Hollywood practice of changing a line or two in a vain bid to camouflage the theft. However, when one attempts to steal a health and science product and plays around with it, in bids at concealing the theft, innocent sick people could die when idiots start trying to alter elements thereof. 

Knowing the arrogant fool Madonna is, she will try to bribe someone, as she has been outed for doing in the past, while thinking nothing will come of her criminal conduct, but mark my words, everything is going to come of it where the law is concerned, especially regarding this latest incident.

Side Bar: Another item of note. I've observed items from me and my family's preexisting emails, medical records on my computer and phone calls to doctors and nurses, in relation to our physical health, later criminally excerpted word for word in the Daily Mail on several occasions, for medical articles in their newspaper, which is abominable. It also constitutes gross and egregious criminal violations of HIPAA laws. 

I've saved all the offending medical articles and infringing articles about Madonna from the Daily Mail (and Murdoch's newspapers) and will make them public along with my private, preexisting emails, texts and other time stamped items for comparison, to show you the public, how much these animals have violated me and my family in their greed and quest for money. The evidence is irrefutable and undeniable. 

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what you get when you buy papers like the Daily Mail and those belonging to Rupert Murdoch's News Corp - criminal invasion of privacy violating innocent people for profit.  


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