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New Nude Kate Middleton Pics Hit The Internet With Sex Pics To Follow

...If Buckingham Palace Doesn't Stop Them

September 30. 2012


Kate Middleton sunbathing

More indignity for Prince William's wife Kate Middleton, as new nude photos of her hit the internet. In the latest set of pics, Middleton’s bare bottom is on display. In one of the photos, it appears she removed bottom of her bikini, whilst pool side, which was not a good idea. As vile as it is to invade a person's privacy, people must be aware that technology is being abused and to be careful regarding nudity in public.

Kate Middleton unwisely took off her bikini bottoms whilst sunbathing (bottom left)

European magazine, , went ahead with posting the photos, despite the fact Closer magazine in France was recently sued for initiating the scandal, via publishing the first batch of pics. Middleton prevailed against Closer in French court, but the damage is done, via the revealing pics. 

Kate Middleton

As stated previously, there is talk of sex pics of Middleton and Prince William, but they have not been released yet and the royal family needs to take the necessary legal steps to prevent their publication, as it would mean another unprecedented scandal.


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