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A French Politician Calls Madonna An Old Has Been Seeking Attention From Young People


June 5. 2012

What a nasty skank. No one wants to see that.

Attention whoring, washed up, pop tart Madonna, struggling to shift tickets to her tour and sell copies of her flopped album "MDNA" slammed French politician, Marine Le Pen, as a racist and Nazi during one of her current concerts, placing a swastika on her forehead. That's rich coming from Madonna, who has a portrait of Nazi leader Hitler in her home, bought with stolen copyrights.

Even from the back she looks like Frankenstein. Cover it up already. No one thinks you're hot.

Le Pen slammed Madonna stating, "We understand how old singers who need to get people talking about them go to such extremes. If she does that in France, we’ll be waiting." Translation: Le Pen could sue Madonna if she does that in France, as it will be labeled defamatory and grounds for legal compensation.

Any Christian that supports or buys the products of devil worshipping Madonna, disrespects God in doing so. Madonna once posed on a Satanic pentagram for a music video and is seen in this photo posing in front of a Satanic cross.

Hypocritical Madonna is in no position to call anyone a racist or Nazi with her devilish track record of unlawfully robbing and exploiting black people for undue financial gain. Madonna is such an abomination, she had no qualms about stealing charity money from starving Malawian children, parents and grandparents, to fuel her sick greed for cash.

Madonna's stupid tour features a segment where a video is shown of controversial French politician, Marine Le Pen, with a swastika photoshopped on her forehead. Madonna, being the Satanist she is has been glorifying the theme in the Bible that denounces people putting such symbols on their hands or foreheads.

Madonna's continued criminal conduct shows an immense hatred and contempt for black people everywhere that she and her cult Kabbalah deems slaves. Madonna is also a disgusting and repugnant xenophobe. Any black person that supports or buys Madonna's products is a self-hating, deluded person, who is a disgrace to the race. Any person of any color that supports someone with such hateful and evil views, is supporting inhumane and cruel conduct.


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