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12-31-14 Have A Happy And Prosperous New Year Pursuing Your Dreams
12-31-14 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood' Reality Star Lil Fizz Gets Back On His Feet
12-31-14 Evelyn Lozada Moves On From Chad Ochocinco With New Life
12-31-14 Nellyville Is One Of The Top Rated New Reality Shows Of 2014
12-30-14 Wreckage And Bodies From AirAsia Flight Found In Java Sea (Video)
12-30-14 Computer Experts State Sony Hack Was An Inside Job
12-30-14 2-Year-Old Shoots And Kills Mother While Shopping
12-29-14 Another Airline Crash In Malaysia Puts The Public On Edge (Video)
12-29-14 Virgin Atlantic Airplane From London To Las Vegas Abruptly Turns Back Citing Landing Gear Issues Shutting Down Airport For The Day (Videos)
12-29-14 North Korean Government Calls U.S. President Barack Obama A 'Monkey' In Racist Slur After Sony CEOs Slur Him As Well In Computer Hacking Scandal
12-29-14 Hackers Pulverize Sony Costing Over $1 Billion Dollars In Damages Due To The Ill Fated Film 'The Interview' About North Korea's Kim Jong-un
12-29-14 Chris Brown Buys Karrueche Tran Diamonds And A Dog To Say Sorry For Cheating But Will He Be Faithful
12-25-14 When Sports Stars Poses Turn Hilarious
12-25-14 Merry Christmas!
12-25-14 Christmas Music And Videos
12-25-14 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Reunite Again (Video)
12-23-14 Protests Erupt As Police Officer Not Charged For Shooting Unarmed Mentally Ill Black Man 14 Times For Sleeping In A Park
12-23-14 Man Who Shot Two New York Police Officers Dead In Retaliation For The Deaths Of Mike Brown And Eric Garner Suffered From Mental Illness Since Childhood (Video)
12-23-14 Rapper Bobby Shmurda Cries During Perp Walk In New York (Photo)
12-22-14 Florida State University Football Player Jameis Winston Cleared Of Rape
12-20-14 Chris Brown Gets Naughty With Amber Rose While Karrueche Tran Was At Home Crying And Rihanna Was Getting High (Videos)
12-20-14 Teenager Lynched In The South Over Interracial Relationship In North Carolina Has Family Crying Police Cover Up
12-19-14 Cop Tases Woman For Filming Him Engaging In Police Brutality, Calls Her A 'Dumb B***h' And Lies Stating She Tried To Run Him Over (Video)
12-18-14 Rapper Bobby Shmurda And His Crew Arrested On Murder, Attempted Murder, Assault, Drug Dealing And Illegal Gun Possession Charges
12-17-14 Prosecutor Declines To Charge Bill Cosby For Drugging And Raping Women Due To Expired Statute But New Woman Comes Forward With Recent Sexual Assault Claim Against Him That Is Prosecutable
12-17-14 Should The Statute Of Limitations Be Abolished In America As It Is In Britain In Light Of The Bill Cosby And Stephen Collins Rape Cases
12-17-14 Shantel Jackson Sets A Bad Example For Nelly's Kids On Nellyville
12-16-14 A Third British Boxer Attacked In Unprovoked Incident Leaving Pugilist Anthony Crolla With Severe Head Injury And A Broken Ankle
12-16-14  Shantel Jackson Was Swinging Both Ways In Trying To Keep Floyd Mayweather
12-16-14 Keyshia Cole Facing 30-Days In Jail On Judge's Orders
12-16-14 Famed Attorney Gloria Allred Goes After Bill Cosby On Behalf Of Women Who Stated He Drugged And Raped Them (Video)
12-15-14 Bill Cosby Pulls The Race Card After Beverly Johnson Comes Forward Stating He Drugged Her With The Intent Of Rape
12-15-14 Sexual Predators Like Bill Cosby And Stephen Collins Are Protected By Hollywood But They Should Be In Jail
12-15-14 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Complain About Being Without Each Other At Christmas
12-12-14 Floyd Mayweather Speaks To Police Over Murder Suicide Case He Witnessed On FaceTime
12-12-14 Ray J Says Princess Love Was Not Really Going To Shoot Herself Over Their Break Up Due To Karrueche Tran Hugging Photos
12-12-14 Lark Voohries Posts Disturbing Photo Of Herself Leading Family And Friends To State She Is Suicidal (Photo)
12-11-14 A Photo Of Ray J And Karrueche Tran With Their Arms Around Each Other Has Princess Love Threatening To Commit Suicide Which Is A Bad Idea
12-11-14 How Will President Obama Adjust To His Daughter's New Found Popularity With Boys
12-11-14 What Did Drake Say To Karrueche Tran That Made Chris Brown Angry
12-10-14 TMZ Blames Floyd Mayweather For Inciting Violence In Murder Suicide Of Stephanie Moseley And Earl Hayes Who Had 10 Pounds Of Marijuana In Their Apartment
12-9-14 Ray J's Manager Outs 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood' Star Yung Berg As Engaging In A Homosexual Act With A Kid In The Recording Studio
12-9-14 Trey Songz Outed As The Singer Married 'Hit The Floor' Star Stephanie Moseley Was Cheating With Leading To Murder Suicide By Earl Hayes That Floyd Mayweather Witnessed On Facetime
12-9-14 Chris Brown Apologizes To Karrueche Tran But Does Not Take Back Drake Cheating Allegations Nor Does She Deny It
12-9-14 Boxer Floyd Mayweather Witnesses Murder Suicide Of VH1 'Hit The Floor' Actress On Facetime After Her Husband Kills Her For Cheating On Him (Video)
12-8-14 Diddy Hits Drake In Miami Sending Him To The Hospital Over Girlfriend Cassie
12-7-14 Chris Brown Slams Karrueche Tran On Instagram Over Drake And Threesomes Confirming This Site's Previous Claims And Causing A New Problem For Rihanna (Video)
12-7-14 Women Who Date Famous Men And Become Famous Too But Is It The Norm (Karrueche Tran, Chris Brown, Coleen Rooney And Wayne Rooney)
12-6-14 Mariah Carey's Disastrous Tree Lighting Performance In New York Leaves Critics And Fans Slamming Her (Video)
12-5-14 U.S. President Barack Obama And Republican House Speaker John Boehner Address Ongoing Racial Protests Regarding Police Brutality In America (Video)
12-5-14 Cleveland Cops Put On Administrative Leave After Racist Text Messages Surface With Them Stating They 'Hate Ni*gers'
12-5-14 Public Protests On Behalf Of 90-Year-Old Florida Man Arrested Three Times For Feeding The Homeless
12-5-14 Rihanna Slammed On Social Networking For Being A Bully And A Skank (Video)
12-5-14 Rapper Nelly Takes Jabs At Boxer Floyd Mayweather On His Reality Show 'Nellyville' Over Shantel Jackson (Video)
12-5-14 Shantel Jackson Forced To Downsize After Being Dumped By Floyd Mayweather But Is Suing Him For $5,000,000 Engagement Ring And More Cash
12-4-14 Police Officer Who Shot And Killed 12-Year-Old Black Boy Was Initially Rejected From The Police Force As 'Mentally Unprepared' And 'Weepy' With Poor Shooting Performance (Video)
12-4-14 New York Police Officers Put Pregnant Black Woman In A Chokehold And Called Her Husband A 'Nig*er' (Videos Of NYPD Attacks On Pregnant Women Of Color)
12-4-14 Man And His Wife Arrested In Separate Incidents After Filming The Killing Of Eric Garner By New York Police Officer (Video)
12-3-14 Police Officer Who Shot And Killed 12-Year-Old Black Boy Was Initially Rejected From The Police Force As 'Mentally Unprepared' And 'Weepy' With Poor Shooting Performance (Video)
12-3-14 Protests Erupt Over New York Grand Jury's Decision Not To Indict Police In The Choking Death Of Black Man Eric Garner (Video)
12-2-14 Shantel Jackson Tries To Give Her Dog Silicone Testicles On 'Nellyville' 
12-2-14 Rapper Birdman Stops Paying His Bills In Miami In A Continuing Financial Decline
12-2-14 50 Cent Is About To Be 5 Cent As Bank Account Frozen After Electronics Company Wins $17 Million Against Him In Court
12-1-14 Darren Wilson Resigns From His Job As A Police Officer In Ferguson And Will Not Receive Severance Pay In The Killing Of Teen Mike Brown (Video)
12-1-14 Teairra Mari Reunites With Ray J And Lil Fizz And Moniece Slaughter Make Peace On The Season Finale Of 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood'
12-1-14 Shantel Jackson Is Out Of Place And Struggling To Fit In On Nelly’s Reality Show ‘Nellyville’
12-1-14 Tyson Fury Wins Fight Against Dereck Chisora And Is The New British And European Heavyweight Champion In Line To Fight Wladimir Klitschko
11-29-14 Karrueche Tran Posts Photo With Chris Brown After Cheating Allegations And Video Surfaces (Video)
11-29-14 Eminem Confirms This Site's Previous Claims That He Had Sex With Rihanna
11-28-14 Lil Fizz's Mean Ex-Girlfriend Amanda Secor Says He's On Welfare And Sleeping In A Bed With Roaches And Ants
11-27-14 Protests Erupt Over New York Grand Jury's Decision Not To Indict Police In The Choking Death Of Black Man Eric Garner (Video)
11-27-14 Lil Fizz Denies Amanda Secor's Claims He Sleeps In A Bed Of Roaches And Ants As Ex Moniece Slaughter Comes To His Defense
11-27-14 Karrueche Tran Posts Item On Twitter Leading People To Believe Chris Brown Broke Up With Her Again
11-27-14 Floyd Mayweather Refuses To Settle Shantel Jackson's Domestic Violence Lawsuit And Files To Have It Dismissed
11-27-14 Aventura Mall Boycott Is Over Legal Case Is Settled
11-27-14 Rapper Bobby Shmurda Threatens Rival Chief Keef And His Crew (Photos)
11-26-14 Actor Alfonso Ribeiro Crowned This Season's Winner Of 'Dancing With Stars'
11-25-14 Lil Fizz Lays On The Charm Going After Nikki Mudarris On 'Love And Hip Hollywood'
11-25-14 Doesn't Kandi Burruss Stepdaughter Kaela Remind You Of...
11-25-14 'Love And Hip Hollywood' Star Hazel Finally Realizes Yung Berg Is Just Not That Into Her In A Warning For Women
11-24-14 Floyd Mayweather's Eyes On Rival Manny Pacquiao For Billion Dollar Fight After His Massive Victory Against Chris Algieri (Video)
11-24-14 Grand Jury Declines To Indict Police Officer Darren Wilson In The Shooting Death Of Michael Brown (Video)
11-24-14 Europe Lays Out Plan For Breaking Up Tech Giant Google Which Is A Monopoly Violating Anti-Trust Laws Worldwide
11-24-14 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Go Out On A Public Date To Squash Rihanna's Rumors And Insults About Their Relationship
11-24-14 Ginuwine And Sole Are Divorcing Over His Cheating
11-22-14 The Mother Of Floyd Mayweather Children Tells All And His Son Calls Him A Coward For Beating Her
11-22-14 Ray J Accused Of Beating Girlfriend Princess And Assistant Morgan Hardman (Video)
11-21-14 Bill Cosby Accused Of Sexual Assault By The Hulk's Wife
11-21-14 Tamar Braxton Accused Of Disrespecting Husband Vincent Herbert With Other Men
11-20-14 The Fall Of An Icon - NBC And Netflix Cancel Planned Bill Cosby Shows As More Women Come Forward Accusing Him Of Raping And Drugging Them (Video)
11-20-14 Why Do Rihanna Fans Call Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Broke When She Has More Money Than They Do
11-20-14 Preview Of Lifetime’s Whitney Houston Movie Shows A Forthcoming Flop (Video)
11-20-14 Spoof Video Slams Lifetime's Terrible Casting In The 'Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B Movie' (Video)
11-20-14 Solange Knowles Wedding Criticized Online As A Cult Gathering With Voodoo
11-20-14 Could Floyd Mayweather And Manny Pacquiao Become The First Billionaire Boxers As Promoter Plans $1 Billion Dollar Fight To Include The Lucrative Chinese Market
11-20-14 Be Careful Of What Your Kids Post Online As Parents Are Being Sued And Losing In Court
11-20-14 Watch For Warning Signs Your Kids And Siblings Are Suffering From Depression
11-19-14 Obama Will Not Pay Ransoms For Americans Kidnapped By ISIS
11-19-14 Will Moniece Slaughter Attack Nikki Mudarris For Dating Lil Fizz
11-19-14 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood' Star Moniece Slaughter Slammed By NBA Basketball Star Joe Smith For Stealing $109,000 From Him After She Dated Lil Fizz
11-19-14 Lifetime Accused Of Promoting Pedophilia Due To Tweets On Twitter About The Movie 'Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B'
11-18-14 Wendy Williams Responds To Terrible Public Backlash Over The Aaliyah Movie In What This Site Predicted Would Be A Flop
11-17-14 Apollo Nida Finally Comes Clean About Lying That Kenya Moore Offered Him Sex On 'The Real Housewives Of Atlanta'
11-17-14 Lifetime’s 'Aaliyah: The Princess Of R&B' Movie Is Not True To The Facts And Is Being Torn To Pieces By Critics And Social Networking (Confirming This Site's Previous Claims)
11-17-14 Allegations Actor Bill Cosby Drugged And Raped 14 Women Resurface
11-14-14 ObamaCare Official States American Voters Are Stupid
11-14-14 ESA Searching For Rosetta Philae Probe That Is Now Transmitting Pictures But Running Out Of Solar Battery Power Endangering The Space Mission
11-14-14 Omarion Slams Rumors His Baby Son Is Not His But Lil Fizz's And States He Did A DNA Test
11-14-14 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Star Apollo Nida Implicates Wife Phaedra Parks In His Crimes
11-14-14 Nelly States He Is In Love With Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson And Has Nothing Against The Boxer
11-13-14 ESA Probe Lands On Comet But Trouble Strikes
11-13-14 Gallup Poll: Republicans More Popular Than Obama And His Democrats Hitting 90-Year High
11-12-14 Beyonce Following In Her Father Mathew Knowles' Footsteps With Substance Abuse
11-11-14 Ingratitude In The Entertainment Industry
11-11-14 The Man Amanda Secor Cheated On Lil Fizz With Revealed
11-10-14 Music Legend Aretha Franklin Gives Candid And Unintentionally Humorous Opinion Of Contemporary Singers Taylor Swift And Nicki Minaj (Video)
11-10-14 The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Returns With Apollo Nida's Legal Troubles And Wife Phaedra Parks Refusing To Stand By Him In Court
11-10-14 Yung Berg Fired From 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood' For Beating Up Girlfriend Masika
11-10-14 Masika Schemed To Get Yung Berg On 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood' And It Went Terribly Wrong (When Gold Digging Goes Wrong)
11-10-14 Adrienne Bailon Claims She Knows Karrueche Tran And Is Cool With Her As An Excuse For Insulting Her And Boyfriend Chris Brown On 'The Real' Talk Show
11-10-14 Why Do Men Lie
11-10-14 Website Hacked Last Night By Madonna's Kabbalah Center
11-7-14 Nelly's New Reality Show Features His Four Kids And Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson Who Is Now His Girlfriend (Video)
11-7-14 Trina Insults Khloe Kardashian And Boyfriend French Montana After He Publicly Denies Dating Her Though The Two Lived Together For 2-Years (Video)
11-7-14 Madonna Has Spent Over $1,000,000 On Plastic Surgery
11-6-14 The FBI Was At The 2012 Olympics Illegally Spying Confirming What This Site Previously Stated
11-5-14 Americans Vote Out Democrats In Midterm Elections Posing An Overwhelming Challenge To President Obama (Video)
11-5-14 Yung Berg Arrested For Choking And Beating Girlfriend Masika
11-5-14 Beyonce Videotaped High In Public
11-5-14 Chris Brown Tells Adrienne Bailon And Tamar Braxton He Doesn't Regret Slamming Them Over Insults Against Him And Girlfriend Karrueche Tran (Videos)
11-5-14 Kylie Jenner's Plastic Surgery Goes Too Far Making Her Look Far Older Than Her Age
11-4-14 Adrienne Bailon And Tamar Braxton Imply Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran And Her Friends Are Using Him Provoking Anger From The Singer (Video)
11-4-14 The Mother Of Lil Fizz's Child Wants Him Back And Is Fighting For Him On Love And Hip Hop Hollywood (Literally)
11-4-14 Masika Betrays Hazel On Love And Hip Hop Hollywood And Hams It Up With Chris Brown (Photo)
11-3-14 Rihanna Breaks Down Crying At An Item On Instagram Stating Chris Brown Got Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Pregnant (Photos)
11-3-14 Yung Berg Abandoned His Disabled Son And Owes 3-Years Worth Of Child Support Payments Totaling $87K
11-3-14 Rapper Tyga Hacks Chyna's Twitter Account Out Of Revenge For Rival Drake Trying To Have Sex With Her
11-3-14 Rita Ora Asks Fans On Twitter For 100,000 Retweets To Drop Her New Song And Receives Barely 2,000 Prompting An Embarrassing Deletion
11-1-14 Las Vegas Police Department Sends Out Order To All Strip Clubs To Ban Floyd Mayweather Over Sexual Harassment
11-1-14 Mama June's Daughter Slams Her For Bringing Convicted Child Molester Around 9-Year-Old Reality Star Honey Boo Boo After Having A Child By A Second Pedophile (Video)
11-1-14 Mike Tyson Was Sexually Abused As A Child
10-31-14 Copyright Office Responds To FOIA Request Regarding Madonna's Criminal Bribery
10-30-14 Singer Chris Brown Settles Assault Lawsuits Against Him Confirming Previous Site Claims
10-30-14 Floyd Mayweather's Father Says His Son Will Fight Manny Pacquiao In News Welcomed By His Top Rival
10-29-14 Moniece Slaughter Attacks Lil Fizz's Girlfriend Amanda Secor On Love And Hip Hop Hollywood (Video)
10-29-14 Nelly Says Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson Got With Him Because He Is Better At Sex
10-29-14 The Bigger Boxer Doesn't Always Win (Video)
10-28-14 American Nurses Recover From Ebola And Make Public Appearances
10-28-14 Producer Teddy Riley Lays Down The Law On Soulja Boy Regarding His Daughter (The Dangers Of Putting Too Much Private Info On Social Networking)
10-28-14 Teairra Mari And Hazel Continue To Be Insulted By Their Exes
10-27-14 Drake Tries To Beat Up Tyga's Entourage For Attacking His DJ (Video)
10-27-14 Chris Brown's Probation Work Days Extended By The Court
10-27-14 Women On Social Networking Offering To Be StepMom To Lil Fizz's Son (Love And Hip Hop Hollywood)
10-27-14 Honey Boo Boo's Mother Dating Pedophile That Molested Her Daughter And Bought Him A Car
10-24-14 Bobby Shmurda And Other Stars Who Got Their Start On The Internet Should Learn From What Happened To Chief Keef
10-23-14 Are Butt Enhancement Procedures Used By Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea And Nikki Mudarris Safe
10-23-14 Has Nikki Mudarris Of 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood' Overdone It With Plastic Surgery In Trying To Look Like Kim Kardashian
10-23-14 Public Reaction To Renee Zellwegger’s New Appearance Is Proving Embarrassing For The Award Winning Actress
10-22-14 CNN States Ebola Caused Major Stock Market Decline Confirming What This Site Previously Stated
10-22-14 Chris Brown Complains About Relationship Trouble Regarding Karrueche Tran And Other Women Such As Rihanna
10-22-14 Is Lil Fizz Too Good To Cheating Amanda Secor
10-21-14 Oscar Pistorius Sentenced To 5-Years For The Killing Of Reeva Steenkamp But Will Serve 10-Months Leading To Online Outrage
10-21-14 Serial Killer Arrested After 7 Women's Bodies Retrieved From House And Motel In Indiana
10-21-14 Michael Dunn Gets Life In Prison For Murdering Teenager Over Loud Music
10-21-14 Woman Busted In The Chimney Of Man She Met Online Who Broke Up With Her (Video)
10-21-14 Chief Keef Dropped From Multi-Million Dollar Record Deal With Interscope
10-21-14 U.S. Health System In Need Of Overhaul
10-21-14  Does The Botched Handling Of The Ebola Virus Outbreak In America Mean The CDC Will Have To Prepare For All Diseases
10-20-14 Amanda Cheated On Lil Fizz With A Man In Miami (Love And Hip Hop Hollywood)
10-20-14 Teairra Mari Thinks She Is Floyd Mayweather Swing On Dudes
10-20-14 Tamar Braxton Jealous Of Toni Braxton And Resents Her Other Sisters Throwing Them Out Of Her Concert
10-20-14 Floyd Mayweather Sued Over Sparring Session And Admits To Boxing Commission His 'All Access' Documentary Series Is Fake
10-18-14 Nick Cannon And Amber Rose Go Out On A Date (Video)
10-18-14 Yung Berg Goes On A Date With Hazel's Friend Masika (Wait Till She Finds Out)
10-18-14 Rapper Bobby Shmurda Lashes Out Online About Not Being Paid For Concerts
10-17-14 The Son Of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden Kicked Out Of The Navy After Testing Positive For Cocaine
10-17-14 Fizz Filed A Restraining Order Against The Mother Of His Child Who Is Still Fixated On Him
10-16-14 Jay Z Is A Pimp (Rihanna And Rita Ora)
10-16-14 Kesha’s Rape Allegations Against Her Producer Rings True For Some
10-16-14 Album Sales In America Have Greatly Fallen In A Pattern Worrying Record Labels
10-15-14 Second Nurse In Dallas Infected With Ebola Traveled On An Airplane After Becoming Ill (CDC Health Advisory)
10-15-14 U.S. Stock Market Plunges
10-15-14 Snoop Dogg And Iggy Azalea Get Into Social Networking Fight
10-15-14 Chris Brown Calls Karrueche Tran A Supportive Woman
10-14-14 Dog Of Dallas Nurse Infected With Ebola Under Quarantine At Naval Base
10-14-14 Rihanna Wants To Work With Drake And Chris Brown
10-14-14 Hazel Continues To Let Yung Burg Play Her While Former Friend Teairra Mari Makes A Career Move With Him
10-14-14 Floyd Mayweather Lashes Out At ESPN's Stephen Smith Over Manny Pacquiao Who Responds (Video)
10-13-14 Texas Nurse Who Cared For Liberian Tourist That Died From Ebola Is Now Infected As Well (Video)
10-13-14 Ray J Dumps Princess Putting Her In The Same Boat As Teairra Mari She Mocked
10-13-14 Nick Cannon Dates New Woman While Mariah Carey's Tour Descends Into A Costume And Vocal Disaster
10-13-14 Amanda Bynes Back On An Involuntary Psychiatric Hold At A Mental Facility
10-11-14 Site Hacked By Madonna's Kabbalah Center Again
10-11-14 Chris Brown’s Tattoo Artist Shot And Killed In Los Angeles
10-11-14 Drake Accused Of Threatening The Life Of Second Woman Triggering Another Police Investigation (Picture)
10-11-14 The White House Covered Up The Secret Service Prostitution Scandal (Video)
10-9-14 Death Of First Person Diagnosed With Ebola In America Has People Speculating On How It Is Spreading
10-9-14 Rihanna Mocks Drake Over Stripper Scandal
10-9-14 Reality Star Contracts HIV From Stripper In Las Vegas
10-8-14 Was Masika And Nikki Fighting Over Mally Mall On 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood' A Good Idea
10-8-14 Nick Cannon Is Removing The Last Traces Of Mariah Carey From His Life As She Continues To Vocally Struggle On Tour (Video)
10-8-14 Mayor Of London Boris Johnson Declines Paralympian Hannah Cockroft's Request To Spend A Day In A Wheelchair
10-7-14 Hilarious 8-Month-Old Toddler Thinks He Is Hulk (Video)
10-7-14 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood' Reality Star Yung Berg Is Playing Hazel For A Fool Stringing Her Along For 8-Years
10-6-14 Mariah Carey Booed In Japan As Her Voice Gives Out During Concert Where She Slammed Husband Nick Cannon As A “Motherf******“
10-6-14 New Videos Released Of Brain Dead 13 Year Old Jahi McMath Shows Her Moving (Video)
10-3-14 Rihanna's Funds Running Down From Lawsuits, Debts And Excessive Spending
10-3-14 Usher's Ex-Wife Tameka Foster Beat Up A Girl In The Club Over Cheating With Him And Doesn't Care You Think She's A Man
10-3-14 Secret Service Agent Leaked Obama's Campaign Stops To Rival Mitt Romney
10-2-14 Head Of The Secret Service Resigns After It Is Revealed They Allowed A Felon With A Gun To Ride In An Elevator With President Barack Obama
10-2-14 Teairra Mari Is Degrading Herself On 'Love And Hip Hop Hollywood' For Fame And Money
10-1-14 Tracy Morgan Responds To The Outrageous Claims Of Walmart's Attorneys Who Blame Him For His Injuries In Fatal Crash
10-1-14 FBI Sets Up Judge In A Corruption And Bribery Sting Using A Fake Defendant
9-30-14 Chris Brown Slams TMZ's Harvey Levin As A 'Devil' Trying To Destroy Him
9-29-14 Amanda Bynes Latest Arrest Highlights Her Ongoing Struggle With Mental Illness And Addiction
9-29-14  TMZ Accuses Chris Brown Of Assaulting Woman 
9-29-14 Walmart's Lawyers Run Afoul Of The Public Blaming Tracy Morgan For Injuries In Deadly Bus Crash
9-26-14 Beyonce And Jay Z's HBO Concert Special 'On The Run' Bombs As One Of The Lowest Rated Specials In The Network's History
9-26-14 Was Amber Rose Naive To Expect A Rapper Like Wiz Khalifa To Be Faithful
9-25-14 Amber Rose And Nick Cannon's Divorces From Wiz Khalifa And Mariah Carey Being Scrutinized As Accusations Of Cheating Surface
9-25-14 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' Stars Kris Jenner And Bruce Jenner Are Divorcing After Years Of Humiliation
9-25-14 Rape Accuser Erica Kinsman Tried To Extort $7,000,000 From Florida State Football Player Jameis Winston
9-25-14 Tyson Fury And Dereck Chisora Finalize November 2014 Fight For Big British Boxing Rematch
9-24-14 Stabbing At Chris Brown Club Event Is The Latest Tragedy Bringing Trouble To The Singer's Life
9-23-14 Ray J Speaks About The Domestic Violence He Incurred Living With Girlfriend Teairra Mari Of ‘Love And Hip Hop Hollywood’
9-23-14 Will Floyd Mayweather Settle The Shantel Jackson Lawsuit In Exchange For Her Silence
9-23-14 Usher's Ex-Wife Tameka Foster Continues Her Violent Streak On 'Atlanta Exes'
9-23-14 Latest Secret Service Breach Sees An Intruder Make It All The Way Into The White House (Video)
9-22-14 Keyshia Cole Arrested For Beating And Scratching Up A Woman Her Boyfriend Birdman Cheated With
9-20-14 Singer August Alsina Wakes Up From 3-Day Coma After Suffering Head Injury And Seizures Due To Substance Abuse
9-19-14 Stevie J Being Pulled Down By Joseline Hernandez While The Love Of His Life Eve Marries A Billionaire
9-19-14 Teairra Mari’s Violent Streak Cost Her Ray J And Other Men
9-18-14 Rapper Iggy Azalea Sues Ex-Boyfriend Over Sex Tape She Says Was Made When She Was A Minor
9-18-14 Sports Legends Agree On What It Takes To Be Champion
9-17-14 Chris Brown's First Week Sales For 'X' Projected To Be 120,000 Copies Sold As Numbers Are Less Than Expected
9-17-14 Boxer Jerome Wilson’s Career Ends After Knock Out Results In Severe Head Injury
9-17-14 The Knife Attack On Boxer Kell Brook Is More Proof You Can’t Trust People You Don’t Know
9-17-14 The Mother Of Floyd Mayweather's Children Slams Shantel Jackson's Sexual Practices And States Her Lawsuit Won't Get Anywhere
9-16-14 Rihanna Curses At CBS On Twitter Over The NFL And They Permanently Pull Her Music From Their Network In A Serious Career Blow
9-16-14 'Love And Hip Hip Hollywood' Is Full Of Fights (And Vaginal Odor Complaints)
9-15-14 Oscar Pistorius Found Guilty Of Manslaughter In The Death Of Girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp
9-15-14 Madonna And The Kabbalah Center Criminally Interfering In People's Business
9-13-14 Shantel Jackson Confirms She Is Going To Do A Tell-All About Boxer Floyd Mayweather Confirming This Site's Previous Claims (Video)
9-12-14 ESPN Reports Ray Rice Came Clean To The NFL In June About Beating His Wife
9-12-14 Oscar Pistorius Found Not Guilty Of Premeditated Murder In Girlfriend's Death Prompting Outrage Online
9-12-14 Lawyer Gloria Allred Goes For Floyd Mayweather's Neck In Trying To Get His Boxing License Revoked And His Fight Cancelled
9-11-14 Site Hacked Last Night By Madonna's Kabbalah Center
9-11-14 NFL On The Hot Seat As Law Enforcement State They Sent Them The Full Ray Rice Domestic Violence Video 3-Months Ago Despite Their Denials (Video)
9-11-14 Mother Of Three Of Floyd Mayweather's Children Slams His Ex-Fiancée Stating Floyd Punched Shantel Jackson And Her Daddy In The Face
9-11-14 A Second British Boxer Attacked On Vacation In Spain Leading To The Postponement Of Another Fight
9-10-14 The Fact Rihanna's Brother Was Posting On Instagram About Rival Karrueche Tran's Private Parts Says He Wants Her Sexually
9-9-14 Rihanna's Brother Racially Slurs Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran (Photo)
9-9-14 Shantel Jackson Complained About Floyd Mayweather 'Pimping Her Out' In His Circle
9-9-14 Luol Deng Has Big Shoes To Fill At The Miami Heat
9-8-14 Copyright Office Corrupted By Madonna And The Kabbalah Center Issuing Bribes To Employees To Backdate Registration Dates And Access Private Copyrights
9-6-14 Did Shantel Jackson File A Lawsuit And Tell All On Boxer Floyd Mayweather A Week Before His Big Fight To Make Him Lose
9-6-14 To Snitch Or Not To Snitch
9-6-14 Shantel Jackson Press Conference Has The Public Criticizing Her For Going After Floyd Mayweather's Money (Full Video)
9-6-14 Should You Do A Background Check On The Person You're Dating
9-5-14 Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson Sues The Boxer For Beating Her Confirming What This Site Previously Stated She Would State
9-5-14 Andy Coulson Moved From Tough British Prison Belmarsh While Former Boss Rupert Murdoch And His Cohort Madonna Continue Phone Hacking
9-3-14 Rihanna Gets Drunk And High While Driving Bike Endangering Others
9-3-14 Justin Bieber Arrested In Canada With Selena Gomez Present Triggering A Probation Investigation That Could Send Him To Jail
9-3-14 Usher's Ex-Wife Tameka Foster Raymond Misses A Much Needed Chance For Image Rehab On 'Atlanta Exes'
9-3-14 Obama: I Don't Have A Strategy For ISIS
9-3-14 Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Joseline Hernandez Is Jealous Like Jay Z
9-2-14 Whatever Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Do So Does Rihanna
9-2-14 Career Guidance
9-1-14 Obama’s Beige Suit Has People Talking
9-1-14 Joseline Hernandez Is Raging Cocaine Addict And Stevie J Is Her Pimp
9-1-14 Footballer Angel Di Maria Injured In First Match After Manchester United Signed Him For $100,000,000
9-1-14 Do Some Managers, Coaches Trainers And Athletes Have An Edge Due To Trade Secrets
9-1-14 What Managers, Coaches And Trainers Look For In Athletes
8-29-14 Joseline Hernandez Sued For Smoking Crack Cocaine Then Beating Up And Scratching Althea At 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Reunion Show
8-29-14 The Husband Of Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown Flips His Car And Is Arrested For DUI
8-29-14 Warren Buffett Joins Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team And Challenges Him To A Fight
8-29-14 50 Cent Mocks Floyd Mayweather’s Reading Abilities Again With A Poorly Written Note To Rapper TI’s Wife Tiny
8-28-14 BET Apologizes To Karrueche Tran Over Teleprompter Joke About Beyonce And Jay Z's Daughter Blue Ivy's Hair That Led To Crazy Death Threats
8-27-14 Suge Knight Shuts Up When Police Question Him About Who Shot Him In Attempted Murder Bid Meant For Chris Brown
8-27-14 A Second Aaliyah Movie In The Works
8-27-14 Nick Cannon Left Mariah Carey Because He Says She Is Mentally Ill
8-26-14 Another Hack By Madonna's Kabbalah Center
8-26-14 Beyonce Fans Attack Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran For Reading Blue Ivy Joke Off Teleprompter On BET's 106 & Park
8-25-14 Witnesses State Chris Brown Was Shot At During VMA Party That Left Suge Knight With 6 Gunshot Wounds
8-25-14 Drake Disses Chris Brown On Stage (Video)
8-25-14 Rihanna Throws Chris Brown Death Stares At Charity Basketball Game For Stating He Wants To Impregnate Karrueche Tran
8-25-14 Shantel Jackson Reacts To 50 Cent's Claims That Nelly Had Sex With One Of The Mothers Of Floyd Mayweather's Children (Video)
8-25-14 50 Cent Cruelly Mocks Floyd Mayweather's Reading Abilities When Many People Struggle With Illiteracy (Video)
8-22-14 James Foley's Murder By Terrorist Group ISIS Offends And Appalls The World
8-22-14 Look Away Rihanna Chris Brown Says He Wants To Give Karrueche Tran A Baby
8-22-14 Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Headed For Divorce After He Does Interview About His Sexual Conquests
8-21-14 Men Who Make The Mistake Of Publicly Bragging About The Number Of Women They've Had Sex With
8-22-14 Moldy Food And Cancer
8-21-14 Karrueche Tran And Chris Brown Don't Care About What People Think About Their Relationship Including Rihanna
8-21-14 CNN Reports The National Guard In Ferguson Threw Gasoline On The Fire Of Racial Tensions During Mike Brown Protests By Calling Black Protesters N*ggers
8-20-14 Top Forensic Pathologist Michael Baden States There Was No Evidence Of A Struggle Between Mike Brown And Police And He Should Not Have Been Shot So Many Times
8-20-14 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Season Finale Reveals Joseline Hernandez Will Sleep With Anyone
8-19-14 Rihanna Gets Back With Drake To Get Back At Chris Brown For Reuniting With Karrueche Tran After Their Reunion
8-19-14 'Atlanta Exes' Reality Show Goes Low With Fight At Usher's Ex-Wife's Charity Sale For Her Deceased 11-Year-Old Son
8-18-14 Autopsy Report Reveals Teen Mike Brown Was Shot In The Head Twice And Four Times In The Torso After Surrendering To Police Officer Darren Wilson
8-18-14 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Reunite At Flag Football Game
8-18-14 Chris Brown Unfollows All His Fans On Twitter And Instagram Sparking Anger And Offense On Social Networking
8-18-14 Britain's Kell Brook Is The New IBF Welterweight Champion Of The World
8-15-14 Kendall Jenner Is About To Face The Wrath Of Rihanna For Dating Chris Brown
8-15-14 World Heavyweight Champ Wladimir Klitschko Sued By The Family Of Brain Damaged Boxer
8-15-14 Website And Emails Hacked By Madonna's Kabbalah Center
8-14-14 Will Doctor Ben Carson Run For President Of The United States In 2016 Due To Popular Demand
8-14-14 Chris Brown’s Manager Goes Broke And Loses His Mansion
8-14-14 'Basketball Wives LA' Reality Star Draya Blamed For Ex-Boyfriend Orlando Scandrick Testing Positive For Steroids
8-13-14 Police State Comedian Robin Williams Hung Himself
8-13-14 Singer Ciara Calls Off Engagement To Rapper Future Over His Cheating With Rihanna And Others
8-13-14 Shooting Breaks Out On The Set Of NWA Biopic Leaving One Person Injured
8-12-14 Chris Brown And Rihanna Come Face To Face
8-12-14 Lies Exposed About The Lives And Sextape Of 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Reality Stars Mimi And Nikko
8-12-14 Is Stevie J Ruining His Name As A Music Producer With Joseline Hernandez
8-12-14 Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson And Rapper Nelly Are Filming A Tell All Reality Show
8-12-14 Kendall Jenner Tried To Engage In Underage Drinking Then Threw Money At A Waitress Who Refused To Break The Law In Serving Her Liquor
8-11-14 Dr. Ben Carson States President Obama Should Protect Christians From Persecution But The IRS Scandal Reveals President Obama Is Persecuting Christians
8-11-14 Teen Who Had His Hands Raised In Surrender And Submission Shot Multiple Times By Police Officer And Killed Leading To Riots
8-11-14 Hollywood Actor Robin Williams Kills Himself In Regrettable Suicide
8-9-14 Casting For Lifetime's Unauthorized Aaliyah Biopic Goes Terribly Wrong Again
8-9-14 'Basketball Wives LA' Draya Michele And Orlando Scandrick Break Up Over His Bisexual Cheating
8-9-14 Charlize Theron Snubs Tia Mowry And Tries To Get Her Banned From Gym As A Nobody Stalker
8-9-14 Boxer Shot Five Times In Gangster Attack Leading To Postponement Of Show
8-8-14 Doctor Ben Carson Slams Obama's Secrecy On The CDC's Handling Of The Ebola Outbreak
8-8-14 Beyonce And Jay Z Sticking Together Hoping To Be Worth $1 Billion But The Numbers Say Different
8-8-14 Doctor Ben Carson Slams Obama's Secrecy On The CDC's Handling Of The Ebola Outbreak
8-7-14 Young Money Becoming Broke Money As Creditors Sue Lil Wayne And Company
8-7-14 Michael Strahan And Nicole Murphy Have A Messy Break Up After She Confronts Him At A Hotel For Cheating On Her
8-7-14 Indie Rapper Liv Insults Singer Beyonce On Diss Track Stating She Is Not Jay Z's Type Even Though He Married Her
8-6-14 Chris Brown Calls Karrueche Tran His Only Woman Crush Overlooking Rihanna
8-6-14 Lil Kim Disses Fellow Female Rapper Nicki Minaj Calling Her A Copycat (Photos)
8-5-14 Drake Tells Massive Concert Crowd Rihanna Is A Devil
8-5-14 Beyonce And Jay Z's Marriage Problems Creating Terrible Publicity For Rihanna
8-5-14 Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Fianceé Shantel Jackson Threatens To Tell All Such As...
8-5-14 Degrading NWA Biopic Casting Call Reveals The Prejudices Within The Black Community
8-5-14 World Champion Boxer Wladimir Klitschko Attacked In Miami By Fellow Pugilist Shannon Briggs (Video)
8-4-14 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran’s Latest Break Up Leaves Her Labeled A Cheating Opportunist
8-4-14 ‘Love And Hip Hop Atlanta” Reality Star Joseline Hernandez Is About To Need Police Protection (Photo)
8-2-14 Google Releases Information In Madonna/Kabbalah Center Death Threat Case
8-2-14 Can The Feds See The Hidden Content Of Private Instagram And Twitter Accounts
8-1-14 TMZ States Chris Brown Has A New Girlfriend Who Is Karrueche Tran's Backstabbing Friend
7-31-14 Chris Brown On Vacation In France Looking Glum Without His Girlfriend Karrueche Tran
7-31-14 El Debarge Shuts Down Rumors He Has A Secret Child With Pebbles
7-30-14 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Continue To Fight On Social Networking Over His Unwillingness To Commit And His Feelings For Rihanna
7-30-14 Nelly Slams Floyd Mayweather On ESPN Stating He Didn't Finish School (Video)
7-30-14 Pebbles Shuts Down Rumors She Has A Secret Son With El Debarge
7-29-14 Chris Brown's New Neighbor Makes Death Threat Stating He Will Shoot Him
7-28-14 President Barack Obama's White House Staff Reveals Republicans Seek To Impeach Him
7-28-14 Rihanna Crying Over Chris Brown And Angry Over Jay Z Cheating Rumors
7-28-14 Married Reality Star Tiny Slams Boxer Floyd Mayweather For Stating He Had Sex With Her (Video)
7-28-14 Nelly Clowns Floyd Mayweather’s Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson Putting Her In The Friend Zone On Instagram After She Had Sex With Him
7-28-14 Tyson Fury Cancelled Fight Against Alexander Ustinov Over Uncle Who Was Rushed To The Hospital With Blood Clot
7-28-14 Usain Bolt Asked Controversial Questions At The 2014 Commonwealth Games In Scotland
7-25-14 The British Economy Is Now 'Bigger Than Any Time In History'
7-25-14 Coroner Confirms Peaches Geldof Died Of Heroin Overdose
7-25-14 Boxer Tyson Fury Says He Will Not Fight Dereck Chisora Next Month Nor Will He Attend Hearing Revoking His Boxing License
7-24-14 Rihanna's Friend Melissa Forde Stokes Reunion Rumors Between Chris Brown And Rihanna
7-24-14 Rapper T.I. Threatens To Kill Boxer Floyd Mayweather Over Wife Tiny
7-23-14 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Subtweeting Each Other About Cheating
7-23-14 Whitney Houston's Mother Cissy Houston Slams Offensive Lifetime Biopic
7-23-14 Tyson Fury Finds New Opponent To Replace Dereck Chisora
7-22-14 Will Drake And Chris Brown’s Collaboration Be A Diss Track About Rihanna
7-22-14 Mimi Faust's Troubles Mount On Love And Hip Hop Atlanta While Joseline Hernandez And Stevie J Hit The Skids
7-22-14 Tyson Fury Implies On Twitter Fellow Boxer Dereck Chisora Is Faking A Broken Hand To Get Out Of Fighting Him This Weekend
7-21-14 Report: Jay Z And Beyonce Headed For Divorce After Tour Due To His Cheating
7-21-14 Floyd Mayweather Back Tracks Says He Did Not Have Sex With T.I.'s Wife Tiny
7-21-14 Tyson Fury v. Dereck Chisora Postponed Due To Fractured Wrist
7-19-14 Floyd Mayweather Calls Rapper T.I. A 'B***h" And Says He Was Having Sex With His Wife Tiny (Video)
7-19-14 Floyd Mayweather Buys New Girlfriend A Rolls Royce As Ex-Fiancé Shantel Jackson Struggles And Flaunts Rapper Nelly
7-19-14 Tyson Fury States He Wants To Fight World Champion Wladimir Klitschko But There’s A Problem


Are Phaedra Parks And Apollo Nida Over After She’s Seen Dating Other Men Now That He's Going To Prison
7-19-14 New Actress Cast As Aaliyah In Unauthorized Lifetime Biopic That Wendy Williams Is Now Executive Producing
7-18-14 Wendy Williams Slams Rihanna As STD Infested And She Slams Her Back
7-18-14 Rihanna Slammed For Holding The World Cup Trophy In Violation Of FIFA Rules
7-18-14 Tyson Fury Ordered To Face Boxing Commission Or Suffer The Suspension Of His Licenses Over Dereck Chisora Press Conference
7-17-14 Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 Crashes In Ukraine Due To Terrorist Act Targeting Vladimir Putin
7-16-14 Congress Rips The CDC For Lax Safety Procedures That Led To Anthrax Exposure Confirming This Site's Previous Claims (Video)
7-16-14 Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Karrueche Tran’s Interview On The ‘Just KeKe’ Talk Show (Video)
7-16-14 Tyson Fury Being Investigated By The Boxing Commission Over Heated Dereck Chisora Press Conference
7-15-14 Social Networking Rallies Behind Underage Teen Jada Who States She Was Raped At A Party And The Nude Photo Posted Online
7-15-14 Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Speaks About Fighting His Ex-Girlfriend Rihanna Over Him
7-14-14 Why Do Women Take To The Internet And Imply Sexual Things About Famous Men
7-14-14 Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Joseline Hernandez Booed Off Stage In Texas
7-12-14 Partying Your Career Away
7-12-14 Stars With Image Problems That Cost Them Millions Of Dollars
7-12-14 Do Boxers Really Fight 'Bums'
7-11-14 Lebron James Leaves The Miami Heat And Returns Home To Cleveland Cavaliers
7-11-14 Apollo Nida Being Sentenced To 8-Years In Prison For Fraud And Theft Should Serve As A Cautionary Tale
7-11-14 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Back Together Again
7-10-14 Getting Negative Influences Out Of Your Life
7-9-14 Chris Brown Pictured With New Woman As Reasons For Karrueche Tran Spat Circulate (Photos)
7-9-14 Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Joseline Hernandez Cheated On Stevie J For Several Reasons
7-9-14 Solange Slapped And Kicked 25-Pounds Off Jay Z
7-9-14 Maximize Your Career Opportunities
7-8-14 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran's Relationship On The Rocks Again
7-8-14 Tim Howard New Mystery Woman Identified As Aspiring Model While His Reality Star Girlfriend Goes Silent
7-7-14 Football Player Neymar Sends Tearful Message After 2014 World Cup Injury As FIFA Investigates Challenge That Broke His Back (Video)
7-7-14 Rupert Murodch's Right Hand Man Andy Coulson Sentenced To 18-Months In Jail After Being Found Guilty In The Phone Hacking Scandal
7-7-14 Former BBC Television Presenter Rolf Harris Sentenced To 5-Years In Prison For Pedophilia
7-7-14 TMZ Starts Trouble For Football Goalie Tim Howard Stating He Is Cheating On His Girlfriend (Video)
7-7-14 Rihanna Wants To Play Aaliyah In Biopic After Zendaya Coleman Quits The Unauthorized Movie
7-4-14 Chris Brown's Girlfriend Talks About Their Relationship While Drake Blames Him For His Break Up With Rihanna
7-4-14 Brazilian Football Player Neymar Sustains Broken Vertebrae During The 2014 World Cup (Video)
7-4-14 Luis Suarez's Apology And Admission Of Guilt Seen As A Step In The Right Direction In Moving Forward
7-4-14 Fighting Fear In Sports
7-3-14 Chris Brown Makes Gang Signs While Rihanna Snubs BET Over Karrueche Tran Stepping Up
7-2-14 Barack Obama Says There Is 'Crack' In The Pies At The White House (Video)
7-2-14 Floyd Mayweather's Kids Meet In Serious Accident, Tiny Snubs Him At BET Awards And Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson Rudely Refuses To Acknowledge His Friendly Gesture During Troublesome Trip To Los Angeles
7-2-14 Zendaya Coleman Backs Out Of Aaliyah Biopic After Fans And Her Family Protest The Movie That Is Now On Hold
7-1-14 Chris Brown: 'These Drinks Ain't Loyal' (Video)
6-30-14 BET Network Pushing For A Chris Brown Reality Show Seeking A Tell All About His Time In Jail
6-30-14 TLC's T-Boz Threatens To Beat Up Rihanna Over Her Actions Against The Group (Video)
6-30-14 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta' Reality Star's Stabbing And Beating Done By Co-Star's Sister
6-30-14 Blue-Eyed Black Inmate Popular On Social Networking Gets A Manager And Death Threats
6-30-14 Preparing For Every Eventuality In The Boxing Ring
6-27-14 Rihanna Trying To Hook Up With Chris Brown At The BET Awards
6-27-14 Luis Suarez Receives A 9-Match Ban And $112,000 Fine For Biting Opponent At The 2014 World Cup
6-27-14 Love And Hip Hop's Erica Stabbed And Beaten At Night Club In Attack Ordered By Bambi
6-26-14 Chris Brown Rejects Plea Deal In Washington Assault Case And Prepares For Trial In September
6-25-14 Joseline Hernandez And Mimi Are Clueless About Their Men On 'Love And Hip Hope Atlanta'
6-25-14 Andy Coulson Found Guilty In The Phone Hacking Case (Confirming Previous Claims I Made About Him On The Site)
6-24-14 Chris Brown Working On A Plea Deal To Avoid Going Back To Jail
6-23-14 Site Hacked By Madonna's Kabbalah Center Hackers Again To Block Publishing
6-23-14 Aaliyah Family Release Statement On Unauthorized Lifetime Biopic Slamming The Planned Movie While Lead Actress Zendaya Coleman Says She's Black Enough To Play The Singer
6-23-14 Kandi Burruss And Todd Tucker Almost Called Off Wedding Over His Refusal To Sign A Prenup
6-21-14 84 Members Of Staff At The Center For Disease Control Exposed To Anthrax Confirming This Site's Previous Claims About Lab Safety
6-21-14 New Nielsen Ratings Scandal Confirms This Site's Previous Claims That The System Is Not Accurate
6-21-14 Look Away Rihanna As Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Show Their Love For Each Other (Photo)
6-21-14 Blue Eyed Black Felon Causes A Stir On Social Networking Over His Looks (Video)
6-20-14 Justin Bieber Attempting To Resolve Criminal Cases To Avoid Jail
6-19-14 Family And Fans Of The Late Singer Aaliyah Vocally Oppose Lifetime's Unauthorized Biopic Of Her Life Starring Zendaya Coleman
6-19-14 Lifetime's Casting For Unauthorized Whitney Houston Biopic Is Very Poor For A Film That Is Upsetting Her Family
6-19-14 Colin Kaepernick's Sexual Assault Accuser Revealed After She Files Complaint Against Miami Police Alleging Corruption
6-18-14 TI Gets Into Twitter War With Rapper Azealia Banks Threatening Her Life In What Could Get Him Sued
6-18-14 Rapper Iggy Azalea Makes Racist Remarks On Twitter Against Black And Hispanic People Offending Many
6-17-14 Chris Brown Signs Real Estate Deals To Sell His Homes And Move Away From Rihanna
6-17-14 Jay Z And Beyonce ‘On The Run’ Tour Is Bombing With Tens Of Thousands Of Unsold Tickets
6-17-14 Stevie J Hiding Assets While Owing The IRS $400,000 And $1,300,000 In Child Support
6-16-14 Rihanna Sued Again For Stealing Copyrights Accused Of Theft Of 'Rockstar 101' Video
6-16-14 TI States Regarding Wife Tiny ‘These Ho*s Ain’t Loyal’ But Neither Is He
6-16-14 Report: Missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 Airplane Was Deliberately Sabotaged And Taken Down By Jacob Rothschild Over Passengers Involved In Multi-Billion Dollar Patent Business Deal With Him (Video)
6-16-14 Go Daddy Is Preparing For IPO As Their Customers Are Being Gouged
6-13-14 Drake Dodges Chris Brown At Hollywood Party Over Rihanna
6-13-14 The Internet Slams Jay Z And Beyonce Over Not Combing Daughter Blue Ivy's Hair Resulting In A Petition Against The Couple
6-13-14 Prosecutors Decline To Charge Colin Kaepernick In Dubious Sexual Assault Case
6-12-14 Rihanna The Homewrecker Strikes Again This Time With Chris Martin Who Was Reuniting With Wife Gwyneth Paltrow (Photo)
6-12-14 Floyd Mayweather Named The World's Highest Earning Athlete
6-12-14 Rapper Chief Keef Faces Second Eviction As Sheriffs Remove Him From His Luxury Chicago Apartment For Non-Payment Of Rent
6-11-14 Lionsgate’s Carl Icahn Under Investigation By The FBI
6-10-14 Jay Z's Extramarital Affairs Become The Subject Of Scandalous Magazine Articles
6-10-14 Love And Hip Hop Atlanta's Stevie J Arrested On Camera For Owing $1,000,000 In Back Child Support Payments (Video)
6-10-14 French Politician Calls Madonna 'Granny GaGa' Like This Site Previously Did (LOL)
6-9-14 Chris Brown's Mom Joyce Hawkins And His Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Spend Time With Him As Prosecutors Demand He Be Put Back In Jail
6-9-14 Halle Berry Ordered To Pay The Father Of Her Child $16,000 Per Month And $115,000 In Back Child Support Payments
6-9-14 Jennifer Lopez Dumps Casper Smart After He Gets Caught With Two Transgender Men
6-9-14 Man Arrested For Beating Up V. Stiviano And Calling Her 'A F****** N*gger' Over Donald Sterling Losing The Los Angeles Clippers
6-9-14 Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson Gets Angry On Instagram As She's Clowned Over Pretentious Comment She Made
6-9-14 In Sports Focus Can Make The Difference Between Winning And Losing
6-6-14 Chris Brown Moves To The Valley After Rihanna Moves Into His Hollywood Hills Neighborhood
6-5-14 Justin Bieber Caught Using The N-Word Again (Video)
6-5-14 Exclusive: Rihanna's Label And Management Angry Over Her Mean Behavior
6-4-14 Obama Facing Controversy Over Swapping Five Terrorists For Soldier Labeled A Deserter (Video)
6-4-14 Rihanna Is Having Sex With Rival Ciara’s Fiance Future
6-4-14 Problems Surface On Floyd Mayweather's Money Team
6-4-14 Florida Judge Beats Up Lawyer In Court While Screaming 'You Want To F*** With Me'
6-3-14 Justin Bieber Busted Using The N-Word In A Privately Recorded Videotape (Video)
6-3-14 Kim Kardashian Returns From Honeymoon Alone While Ray J Is Arrested
6-3-14 V. Stiviano Beaten And Called The N-Word Over Former Clippers Owner Donald Sterling
6-3-14 The Sterlings Sell The Los Angeles Clippers For $2 Billion To Avoid NBA Vote Against Them Which Has Been Cancelled
6-3-14 Froch V. Groves Was A Historic Night For British Boxing
6-2-14 Chris Brown Is Released From Jail And Is Coming Home To Karrueche Tran...And Rihanna
6-1-14 Celebrated Poet Maya Angelou Dies
5-31-14 How Long Will Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Marriage Last
5-29-14 Rihanna's 15 Minutes Of Fame Running Out As People Ignore Her In Public
5-29-14 Chris Brown Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Slams VH-1 For Labeling Her A Side Chick
5-29-14 Tiny Defies TI And Continues To Hang Out With Floyd Mayweather's Money Team
5-29-14 Steroids Shortens Your Penis And Life
5-28-14 Floyd Mayweather Alarms And Angers His Fans By Posting Photo Of His Parents And Children Adding Devil Faces To The Image
5-27-14 Jennifer Lopez Boyfriend Is Cheating On Her With A Man Who Had Sex Change Operation (Photo)
5-26-14 Schizophrenic Son Of Hunger Games Director Commits Mass Murder In California Over Hatred Of Women
5-26-14 Fist Fight Erupts As Rapper TI Tried To Brawl With Floyd Mayweather’s Money Team Over Wife Tiny
5-26-14 Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Are Married After Family Feud
5-23-14 Solange Knowles Building A Career Comeback Around Her Elevator Fight With Beyonce’s Husband Jay Z Who Is Angry With Her
5-23-14 Kim Kardashian Will Pocket Another $20,000,000 For Getting Married To Kanye West
5-22-14 Floyd Mayweather Announces New Fight As His New Girlfriend Cheers Him On Instagram
5-22-14 Rihanna Gets Into An Argument With Charlie Sheen Which Turns Into A Social Networking Fight
5-22-14 Magazine States Solange Writing Tell All Book About Jay Z Cheating On Wife Beyonce With Rihanna And Other Women As The Couple's Tour Ticket Sales Plunge After Elevator Fight
5-22-14 Married Rapper TI Caught Trying To Get With Woman On Instagram
5-21-14 Former Manchester United Manager David Moyes Gets Into Bar Fight
5-21-14 V. Stiviano Being Targeted By Donald Sterling’s Private Investigator
5-21-14 Is Ray J Still In Love With Kim Kardashian And Upset She Is Getting Married To Kanye West
5-20-14 Stevie J And Joseline Hernandez Branded Thieves And Frauds Faking Being Rich On Love And Hip Hop Atlanta
5-19-14 Chris Brown Will Be Released From Jail To Find Rihanna Living In His Neighborhood That Karruche Tran Often Visits Him In
5-19-14 Beyonce And Jay Z Have A Staged Lunch With Solange Playing Happy Families For The Cameras In Doing More Damage Control
5-19-14 Floyd Mayweather’s Latest Pay Per View Numbers Indicate He Needs To Choose His Next Opponent Very Carefully
5-16-14 Beyonce And Jay Z's Brand Takes A Hit From Elevator Fight Scandal With Solange Leaving Publicists Scrambling To Do Damage Control
5-16-14  Days After Jay Z Was Attacked By Solange In Elevator Wife Beyonce Stormed Out Of Their Dinner At A New York Restaurant
5-16-14 Adrien Broner Wants To Fight Manny Pacquiao In Floyd Mayweather’s Stead
5-16-14 The Fall Of Manchester United This Season Is A Coaching Lesson In The Dangers Of Demoralization In Sports
5-16-14 Bad Practice Habits And Improper Technique Wreak Havoc On Athletes Performance
5-16-14 Vaginal Laser Hair Removal And Fertility Issues
5-15-14 The Dream's Girlfriend Posts Photos Of The Injuries He Left Her With After Beating Her While She Was Pregnant (Photos)
5-14-14 Beyonce's Sister Solange Attacked Jay Z Over Going Off To Have Sex With Rihanna
5-14-14 Justin Bieber Under Investigation For Criminal Robbery After Wrestling With Woman During Altercation
5-12-14 Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Slams Magic Johnson For Having HIV And States He's Done Nothing For Black People (Video)
5-12-14 Jay Z's Sister-In-Law Solange Beats Him Up In Elevator While Wife Beyonce Stands By Watching With A Smile
5-12-14 With Shantel Jackson’s Career Struggling And Nelly’s Money Running Down Will She Dump Him
5-9-14 Chris Brown Sentenced To 1-Year In Jail For Probation Violation
5-9-14 Boxer Adrien Broner Has Been Suspended By The WBC For Racist Remarks About Fellow Pugilist Carlos Molina
5-9-14 Arson Based Murder Suicide At Tennis Star James Blake’s Florida Mansion Highlights The Strains Financial Trouble Places On People
5-8-14 New York Knicks Basketball Player Carmelo Anthony Glares At Singer Rihanna With Contempt
5-8-14 Producer The Dream Arrested For Felony Domestic Violence In Beating Up His Pregnant Girlfriend
5-8-14 Celebrity Publicist Max Clifford Sentenced To 8-years In Prison For Having Sex With Underage Girls As Young As 12-Years Of Age
5-8-14 Published Author Sues Warner Bros For Stealing Her Preexisting Book To Make The Movie 'Gravity'
5-8-14 Shantel Jackson And Nelly Throwing Their Relationship In Floyd Mayweather's Face
5-8-14 Amir Khan And Other Boxers Accused Of Having A Weak Chin
5-7-14 Instagram Shuts Down Rihanna's Page Over Nude Photos
5-7-14 Photos Released From The Chris Brown Washington Assault Case
5-7-14 Will Smith's 13-Year-Old Daughter Willow Smith Poses In Bed With Half Naked 20-Year-Old Man
5-7-14 Floyd Mayweather Invited Singer Ashanti Home To Meet His Mother After Her Ex-Boyfriend Nelly Hooked Up With The Boxer's Former Fiancée Shantel Jackson
5-7-14 Money Team Member Lil Wayne Tried To Fight Boxer Marcos Maidana And His Crew After Floyd Mayweather Fight (Video)
5-7-14 Boxer Adrien Broner Apologizes For Mexican Comment (Video)
5-6-14 Floyd Mayweather Slams Shantel Jackson For Aborting His Twin Babies Over Not Wanting To Lose Her Body Via Pregnancy
5-5-14 Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Wishes Him A Happy 25th Birthday As He Sits In Jail
5-5-14 Pebbles Files $40,000,000 Lawsuit Over TLC Biopic 'CrazySexyCool'
5-3-14 Floyd Mayweather Slams Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson For Aborting His Twins But Lying To Him Stating She Had A Miscarriage
5-2-14 Chris Brown Appears In Court Looking Depressed As Judge Sentences Him To More Jail Time
5-2-14 Rihanna Mocks And Laughs At Ariana Grande During Her Performance Due To Her Relationship With Chris Brown
5-1-14 Floyd Mayweather Broke Up With Ex-Fiancee Shantel Jackson Because She Aborted His Twin Babies
5-1-14 A Boxer’s Worst Nightmare - Your Mama Getting In The Ring With You During Your Fight (Video)
5-1-14 Peaches Geldof Died Of Heroin Overdose Just Like Her Mother 14-Years-Ago
4-30-14 Obama's National Security Agency Rejects German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Request To See Her NSA File
4-30-14 PR Agent Max Clifford Found Guilty Of Sexually Assaulting Underage Girls
4-30-14 Rihanna Attacks Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Online Again
4-29-14 NBA Commissioner Adam Silver Bans Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling From The NBA For Life Over Racist Discriminatory Remarks (Video)
4-29-14 Rihanna Sued By Bodyguard For Defamation
4-28-14 President Barack Obama Slams Racist Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling (Video)
4-28-14 The Obama Administration Being Met With Protests Domestically And Internationally
4-28-14 Rihanna Slams Chris Brown While He Is In Jail At His Lowest Ebb
4-28-14 Chris Brown Lampooned On The Boondocks As His Song ‘Loyal’ Goes Gold
4-28-14 Wladimir Klitschko Retains His 4 Titles As Heavyweight Champion Of The World After Winning Boxing Bout Against Challenger Alex Leapai (Video)
4-26-14 Los Angeles Clippers Owner Donald Sterling Made Racists Remarks Telling Girlfriend Not To Associate With Black People (Video)
4-25-14 Floyd Mayweather Speaks About His Break Up From Ex-Fianceé Shantel Jackson Which Has Turned Acrimonious
4-25-14 President Obama Declines To Deport Pop Star Justin Bieber But Homeland Security Is After Him
4-24-14 Drake Cheating On Rihanna With Women In Different Nations Not Taking Her Seriously Because Of Chris Brown
4-24-14 Chris Brown Could Be Locked Up In Jail For A Year Pending Trial In Washington Assault Case
4-24-14 Kenya Moore May Leave 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta'
4-23-14 Chris Brown On A Legal Rollercoaster Facing Two More 5-Day Trips On Con Air As Assault Case Is Continued To June 2014
4-23-14 Report: Manchester United Under Investigation On Wall Street Over Firing Manager David Moyes Resulting In Share Price Increase
4-22-14 David Moyes Fired As Manager Of Manchester United Affirming This Site's Previous Claims
4-22-14 90 Percent Of Social Networking Are Team Porsha After Fight With Kenya Moore On Real Housewives Of Atlanta Reunion Show
4-22-14 Shantel Jackson Claims She Left Floyd Mayweather A Year Ago But Items Online Reveal Otherwise
4-22-14 Chris Brown Assault Trial Delayed And New Witnesses Announced (Video)
4-21-14 Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran And His Mom Joyce Hawkins Show Their Support For The Embattled Singer At Washington Assault Trial
4-21-14 Chris Brown’s Bodyguard Found Guilty Of Assault In Washington
4-18-14 Rihanna Drops Case Against Her Accountant And Bookkeeper
4-18-14 Floyd Mayweather And Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson Get Into An Instagram Fight Where He Posts Photo Of Her Looking Rough And Raggedy
4-18-14 Trial Of Chris Brown's Bodyguard Begins In Washington
4-17-14 Warrant Issued For Porsha Williams Arrest Over Kenya Moore Fight Resulting In Glamorous Mugshot
4-17-14 TI And Tiny Living Apart Over Cheating Claims About Pregnant Side Chick
4-17-14 Floyd Mayweather And Shantel Jackson Officially End Engagement Leading To Complaints From Her
4-16-14 Mimi Faust And Nikko Sextape Is A Publicity Stunt For The New Season Of 'Love And Hip Hop Atlanta'
4-16-14 Khloe Kardashian Becomes A Homewrecker Breaking Up Two Homes
4-16-14 Manny Pacquioa’s Trainer Freddie Roach Slams Floyd Mayweather Accusing Him Of Running From A Fight (Video)
4-14-14 The Guardian Newspaper And Washington Post Receive Pulitzer Prize For Work With Edward Snowden On NSA Spying
4-14-14 Real Housewives Of Atlanta Season 6 Finale Was Oh So Good!
4-14-14 Sensational Manny Pacquiao Wins Rematch Against Dynamic Timothy Bradley And Is Now Looking To Fight Against Floyd Mayweather
4-14-14 Floyd Mayweather Repossessed The Instagram Page Of Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson
4-14-14 British Boxer George Groves Is Managing Himself Ahead Of Big Froch v. Groves Fight
4-11-14 Sexual Assault Allegations Against Football Player Colin Kaepernick Sound Suspect
4-11-14 Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Girlfriend Princess Love Cheated On Him Now Ray J Is Cheating On Her
4-10-14 Chris Brown Transferred To Less Austere Jail In His Home State Of Virginia But Is Placed In The General Population
4-9-14 Asafa Powell Faces Retroactive Ban In Jamaica Over Tainted Supplements New Trainer Christopher Xuereb Gave Him Without Telling Him The True Contents While Trainer's Girlfriend Tests Positive In Canada As Well
4-9-14 Prosecutors Are Making An Example Of Chris Brown In Washington Assault Case
4-8-14 Prince William’s Little Son Prince George Gets Put In The Friend Zone By A Little Cutie He Was Trying To Arrange A Play Date With (LOL)
4-8-14 Judge Denies Chris Brown's Lawyer's Motion To Dismiss Washington Assault Case Sending It To Trial As Bodyguard Admits He Threw The Punch
4-8-14 Chris Brown's Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Leaves Club After Rihanna Shows Up Again
4-8-14 Peaches Geldof's Tragic Death At Age 25 Is Shrouded In Mystery
4-8-14 As Boxer Floyd Mayweather Prepares For His Next Fight Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson Tries To Get Back At Him With Reality Show
4-7-14 Rihanna Buys House In Chris Brown's Neighborhood To Be Close To Him (Confirming This Site's Previous Claim)
4-7-14 Pivotal Court Hearing Today In Chris Brown Assault Trial
4-5-14 Mick Jagger’s Girlfriend Made The Wrong Choice Killing Herself Over Business And Cult Troubles
4-5-14 Rapper The Game Under Police Investigation For Beating Up His Girlfriend And Breaking Her Nose
4-5-14 Miami Rapper Trick Daddy Arrested On Cocaine And Gun Charges
4-4-14 B2K Rapper Lil Fizz Goes Broke
4-4-14 Second Fort Hood Army Base Shooting Highlights The Military's Need For Greater Mental Health Services
4-4-14 Floyd Mayweather Buys Million Dollar Watch While Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson Struggles To Find Money And Wants Him Back
4-3-14 Judge Refuses Chris Brown’s Private Transportation Request In Assault Trial And Orders Him Shackled And Placed On Con Air For 3-Day Flight To Washington
4-3-14 Rihanna Angry That Drake’s Crew Hate Her
4-2-14 Report: Real Housewives Brawl Sees Porsha Williams Hit Kenya Moore Whose Louis Vuitton Bag And Laptop Are Stolen
4-2-14 Beyonce Stung By Members Of Her BeyHive
4-2-14 Floyd Mayweather’s Ex-Fiancee Shantel Jackson So Desperate For Money She Sells The Birkin Bag He Gave Her After The Boxer Repossessed Her Bentley And Millions In Jewelry
4-1-14 Chris Brown Sends His Fans A Thank You Message And Tells Karrueche Tran ‘I Love You’ (Video)
4-1-14 Forbes Magazine Blasts Jay-Z For Breaking The Law In Poaching People’s Clients For Roc Nation Sports
3-31-14 Judge Orders Chris Brown Shackled, Chained And Placed On A Plane
3-28-14 Rihanna Depressed Over Chris Brown Being In Jail
3-28-14 TV Report: Kabbalah Destroyed Gwyneth Paltrow’s Marriage To Coldplay’s Chris Martin
3-28-14 Rihanna Love For Chris Brown Causing A Problem In Her Relationship With Drake
3-26-14 Do Some Women Have Babies For Rich Men Viewing Them As A Cash Register As Wendy Williams Stated About Evelyn Lozada And Fiancé Carl Crawford
3-26-14 Sean Kingston’s Bentley Repossessed In Latest Financial Woe
3-26-14 As Chris Brown Sits In Jail His New Music Dissing Rihanna Shoots Up The Charts And Blows Up On YouTube
3-26-14 Evelyn Lozada Slams Wendy Williams For Calling Her Baby A Cash Register
3-26-14 Whitney Houston Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown And Her Husband Headed To Reality TV But Will It Ruin Their Marriage As It Did With Her Parents
3-25-14 Floyd Mayweather Gives Amir Khan A Peace Offering Putting Him On Boxing Undercard
3-25-14 The Real Housewives Of Atlanta Mexico Trip Tested Friendships And Relationships
3-25-14 Manny Pacquiao Not Aiming To Knock Out Rival Timothy Bradley In Upcoming Boxing Match
3-25-14 'Rocky IV' Highlights The Advantages Of Contrasting Training Methods
3-24-14 Site Hacked And Defaced By Madonna's Kabbalah Center Creating Firefox Browser Viewing Problems
3-24-14 Jealous Jay-Z Disses Drake
3-24-14 Radio Show Host Outs Jay-Z As Lying About His Age Stating He Is Not 43 But Actually 50-Years-Old
3-24-14 Report Floyd Mayweather Repossessed Millions In Jewels From Ex-Fiancée Shantel Jackson
3-24-14 Manny Pacquiao Turns Up The Heat Hiring New Sparring Partners For Timothy Bradley Fight
3-24-14 In Boxing The Right Team Can Make All The Difference In The World
3-22-14 Herpes And HIV: Life Altering STDs Are On The Rise
3-22-14 People Insist Porsha Stewart Is Dating An African President’s Son Who Bought Her New Chi-Chis Despite The Fact He Has A Girlfriend Actress Tamala Jones
3-22-14 The Chain Of Custody In The Chris Brown Probation Violation Case
3-21-14 Boxing Champ Wladimir Klitschko Visits Miami And Is Challenged By Shannon Briggs In Shoe Throwing Incident (Videos)
3-21-14 Hollywood Actress Countess Vaughn's Wig Nightmare A Lesson To Women (Video)
3-21-14 Chris Brown’s Lawyer Looking Into Settling Washington Assault Case
3-21-14 Rihanna’s Lawsuit Against Her Accountant Not Settled As Previously Reported In The Mainstream Press
3-21-14 Chris Brown Is Going To Go Stir Crazy After Being Placed In Solitary Confinement In Jail
3-19-14 Rihanna Cheated On Drake
3-19-14 Porsha Stewart Fighting Actress Tamala Jones For An African President’s Son
3-18-14 Chris Brown Ordered To Spend One Month In Jail Until Trial For Probation Violation (Video)
3-17-14 Apollo Nida Disrespected His Wife Openly Flirting With Kenya Moore On The Real Housewives Of Atlanta
3-16-14 Report: Halle Berry Is Having Marital Troubles
3-16-14 Chris Brown Arrested In Rehab On Probation Violation (Confirmed: Likes Someone In Rehab)
3-15-14 Las Vegas Police State No One Has Come Forward Regarding Allegations Of Assault By Boxer Floyd Mayweather
3-14-14 Jealous Rihanna Tries To One Up Chris Brown Over Something He Stated By Using Drake
3-14-14 Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Strikes Another Deal
3-14-14 Real Housewives Of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore And Porsha Williams Land African Boyfriends
3-14-14 Floyd Mayweather’s Silence In The Face Of Kidnapping And Assault Claims Leading The Public To Believe Them
3-13-14 Rihanna Continues To Openly Date Drake While Deliberately Causing Trouble In Chris Brown’s Personal Life
3-13-14 Chris Brown And His Mom Start New Business Ventures
3-12-14 Boxer Floyd Mayweather Accused Of Breaking The Arms And Legs Of Two Employees Over Stolen Jewelry
3-12-14 Discrepancies Appear In The Oscar Pistorius Murder Trial
3-11-14 Site Hacked And Defaced By Madonna's Kabbalah Center Creating Firefox Browser Viewing Problems
3-11-14 Floyd Mayweather Tells Adrien Broner To Quit Partying And Making So Much Music (Video)
3-11-14 Froch v Groves Boxing Match Sells Out Wembley In London Within Hours (Video)
3-11-14 Kenya Moore Accuses Porsha Stewart Of Being A Beard For Gay Football Player Kordell Stewart
3-11-14 Why Do Madonna’s Ex Boyfriends Keep Finding And Contacting Me (Dennis Rodman)
3-10-14 Justin Bieber Gets Angry And Makes Funny Mistakes During Deposition
3-7-14 Drake Cheating On Rihanna
3-7-14 Will Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Reunite When He Completes Rehab
3-7-14 Select Members Of The Press Want Video Of Justin Bieber’s Penis Released And A Miami Judge Says…
3-7-14 Man Sentenced To Prison In The Death Of Singer Usher’s Stepson
3-7-14 Did Michael Jackson Have A Son With 80s R&B Star Miki Howard
3-7-14 Amir Khan Doing To Kell Brook What Floyd Mayweather Did To Him
3-7-14 The Benefits And Drawbacks Of High Profile Relationships
3-6-14 Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Break Up Leaving Her In Tears And Rihanna Smiling
3-6-14 Adrien Broner Slammed By Fans On Social Networking For Partying And Not Training Enough
3-4-14 Chris Brown To Drake: You Can Have Rihanna
3-4-14 Amir Khan Tells Floyd Mayweather He’s 'Full Of S**t'
3-4-14 Floyd Mayweather’s Ex-Fiancée Complained About His Massage Therapist Before Their Break Up
3-4-14 Usain Bolt Asked To Join National Football Team
3-3-14 Chris Brown's Bipolar And PTSD Diagnosis Relevant Piece Of The Puzzle
3-3-14 Rihanna's Sister Caught Flirting With Her Boyfriend Drake While She's Away
3-3-14 Music Legend Chaka Khan Calls Beyonce A B***h (Video)
3-3-14 Will Shantel Jackson Do A Tell All On Floyd Mayweather Now That She’s Lost The Luxury Lifestyle She Had With Him
2-28-14 Public Complaints About The Obamas $18,000,000 In Vacations
2-28-14 Beyonce Is Lying To Jay-Z About President Obama
2-28-14 Real Housewives Of Atlanta's Apollo Claims He Is Not Cheating On Phaedra But Reports Keep Stating Otherwise
2-28-14 Shaquille O’Neal’s Former Mistress Penning Exploitative Tell All Book Claiming He Was Molested As A Child
2-27-14 Madonna, Rupert Murodch And The Kabbalah Center Are Going Around Blackmailing People
2-27-14 Beyonce's New Song Makes Reference To Oral Sex With The President
2-27-14 Atlanta Police Discover Marijuana In Justin Bieber's SUV
2-27-14 Amir Khan May Fight Adrien Broner But Considering He Is Mentored By Floyd Mayweather Will It Happen After Their Dispute
2-27-14 Former NFL Football Star Roy Simmons Dies Of AIDS After Engaging In Promiscuous Sex With Women And Men
2-26-14 Rihanna And Drake Out Looking Miserable While Being In Love With Others (Photos)
2-26-14 Chris Brown's Former Manager Tina Davis Vindictively Holding On To His New Music In Violation Of The Law Because He Left Her
2-26-14 Floyd Mayweather And Amir Khan's War Of Words Over Cancelled Fight
2-26-14 Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Fiancée Removes His Tattoo From Her Body But What About The Name Change
2-25-14 Floyd Mayweather Announces He Will Fight Marcos Maidana Not Amir Khan
2-25-14 Chris Brown Slams Former Exploitative Manager Tina Davis Accusing Her Of Sabotaging His Forthcoming CD With Leaks
2-25-14 Is Real Housewives Of Atlanta's NeNe Running From A Fight With Marlo Because She Once Disfigured A Woman's Face With A Knife Over A Man
2-24-14 Floyd Mayweather Disses Former Fiancée Shantel Jackson
2-24-14 The Film 'Scarface' Shows What The Drug Trade Is All About
2-24-14 Chris Brown Out Of Rehab And Back To His Music Career With New Video
2-24-14 Shantel Jackson Slams Former Fiancé Floyd Mayweather Online After He Dumps Her For New Chick On His Birthday
2-24-14 Amir Khan Slams Floyd Mayweather Online Saying He Feels Disrespected By Him
2-21-14 Thirsty Groupie Publicly Touching And Flirting With Carmelo Anthony Gave The Public A Certain Impression Sure To Upset His Wife LaLa (Video)
2-21-14 Chris Brown Sued For $3,000,000 By Man In Washington Case Which Revoked His Probation In Los Angeles
2-21-14 Report: Saving Our Daughters Charity On Real Housewives Of Atlanta Under Investigation By The IRS
2-20-14 NSA Seeks To Expand Its Illegal Spying Using Billions Of Dollars Per Year In Taxpayer Money
2-19-14 The Rihanna 10000000 Accountant Settlement Story Isn’t Adding Up
2-19-14 TI and Tiny’s Martial Problems
2-18-14 Philip Seymour Hoffman's Will Stipulates His Son Must Be Kept Away From Hollywood
2-18-14 Poll: 71% Of People Who Voted To Reelect Obama 'Regret' It
2-18-14 Angry Mob In Miami Chase George Zimmerman Who Was Vacationing In Trayvon Martin's Hometown
2-18-14 Phone Hacking Scandal Plagued Rupert Murdoch Is Embezzling Money From News Corp
2-17-14 One Of Madonna's Kabbalah Center Hackers Has Ties To Anonymous
2-17-14 Chris Brown's Laywer Says Man Suing Over Basketball Court Fight Admitted The Singer Never Touched Him (Does Brown Need Insurance)
2-17-14 Former NFL Football Player Darren Sharper Facing 30-Years In Prison For Drugging And Raping People
2-16-14 Chris Brown's Laywer Says Man Suing Over Basketball Court Fight Admitted The Singer Never Touched Him (Does Brown Need Insurance)
2-16-14 Michael Dunn Found Not Guilty Of First Degree Murder In The Death Of Teenager Jordan Davis But Convicted Of Attempted Murder In Shooting At Three Others (Video)
2-16-14 Rihanna Sued Again For Stealing Copyrights For Music Video S&M
2-16-14 Madonna’s Kabbalah Center Targeting Domestic And International Pro-Athletes Endangering Their Careers And Health
2-15-14 Justin Bieber Mulls Move To Atlanta To Be Closer To Usher
2-15-14 Whitney Houston’s First Mansion For Sale At $1,500,000
2-15-14 'SWV Reunited' Is A Cautionary Tale For R&B, Rock, Pop And Boy Bands That Break Up At The Height Of Their Fame
2-14-14 First Lady Michelle Obama Attacked By The Press For Wearing $12,000 Dress
2-13-14 Megan Fox Gives Birth To Second Baby Boy
2-13-14 Will Floyd Mayweather Stick To His Promise And Fight Amir Khan
2-12-14 Rihanna Net Worth Is Not What She Bragged About During The Twitter Fight With Teyana Taylor
2-12-14 Peter Gunz And Amina’s Marriage Problems On Love And Hip Hop Should Serve As Warning To Side Chicks
2-12-14 It Appears 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Star Apollo Nida Married Phaedra Parks For Love
2-11-14 Site Hacked Tonight To Delay Publishing
2-11-14 The Obama And Beyonce Sexual Affair Scandal Happened For One Reason...
2-11-14 Rihanna Working On Nabbing Drake For Valentine’s Day To Make Chris Brown Jealous
2-10-14 Manny Pacquiao Calls Out Floyd Mayweather As The One Delaying The Highly Anticipated Boxing Match Between The Two (Video)
2-10-14 Usain Bolt Goes Madea For New Virgin Mobile Ad (Video)
2-10-14 Sports Requires Nerves Of Steel
2-8-14 The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Was Beautiful (Pictures)
2-8-14 Michael Jackson’s Estate Owes The IRS $700 Million In Taxes
2-7-14 New Jamaican Bobsleigh Movie Features Cameo By Gold Medalist Usain Bolt
2-7-14 Los Angeles Sheriff's Department Recommends Justin Bieber Be Charged With Felony Vandalism Which Could Lead To Deportation
2-7-14 Is Justin Bieber's Anger Due To The Combined Effects Of Xanax And Alcohol
2-7-14 Selena Gomez Should Not Have Left Rehab Early
2-7-14 Rihanna Left To Compete With Karrueche Tran On Valentine's Day For Chris Brown's Heart
2-6-14 Justin Bieber's Plane Could Have Crashed Under Unsafe Conditions
2-6-14 Justin Bieber Being Blamed For Selena Gomez Ending Up In Rehab
2-6-14 The Death Of Actor Philip Seymour Hoffman Is Another Reminder Of The Drug Culture In Hollywood
2-5-14 Homeland Security Searching For Malware From Belarus Illegally Infecting The ObamaCare Website Confirming This Site’s Previous Claims That Health Care Site Has Been Hacked
2-5-14 NSA And FBI Working Hand In Hand In Spying On Americans
2-4-14 Chris Brown Spotted At Super Bowl Party After Leaving Rehab
2-4-14 Rupert Murdoch's Obsession With Sienna Miller In The Phone Hacking Case Over His Sexual Attraction To Her
2-4-14 There's A Video Tape Of Justin Bieber Getting Freaky With Strippers
2-4-14 Floyd Mayweather Asks Fans To Decide Who He Should Fight Next Amir Khan Or Marcos Maidana But There's A Problem... (Video)
2-3-14 Judge Declines To Send Chris Brown To Jail
2-3-14 Site Blackout Over Fraudulent Complaint Results In Lawsuit
2-2-14 Justin Bieber And Rapper Khalil Caught In Photo Being Breastfed By Stripper
1-31-14 Justin Bieber's Hometown Stands By Him In Wake Of Arrests
1-31-14 Rihanna Tired Of Being Used For Sex
1-31-14 Katy Perry Slammed For Being A Devil Worshipper
1-31-14 Nelly Disses Madonna As Wack Over Using N-Word Racial Slur (Video)
1-31-14 Billy Joel Disses Madonna Stating She Can't Sing (Video)
1-30-14 Justin Bieber Arrested In Toronto And Charged With Assault As His Lawyer Enters Plea In Miami DUI Case
1-30-14 Petition To Deport Justin Bieber Hits 100,000 Signatures Sent To The White House Requiring A Response From President Obama
1-30-14 Rihanna Holding Back On Telling Chris Brown How She Really Feels About Him Until What She Thinks Is The Right Time
1-30-14 Floyd Mayweather Investing In Friends Businesses But Is He Making The Right Choices
1-30-14 Floyd Mayweather Asks Fans To Decide Who He Should Fight Next Amir Khan Or Marcos Maidana But There's A Problem... (Video)
1-29-14 Rihanna, Drake And Karrueche Tran Showed Up To The Same Grammy Party In Awkward Moment
1-29-14 Chris Brown And Rihanna To Release Competing CDs This Year
1-29-14 Justin Bieber Accused Of Smoking $7,000 Per Week In Weed But There's More To The Story
1-29-14 Could More Cast Members Of 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Be Headed To Prison
1-29-14 Toni Braxton Bounces Back From Bankruptcy With $3,000,000 House Purchase As Justin Bieber's New Neighbor
1-29-14 Beyonce Being Called A 'Whore' Over Her 'Nasty' Grammy Performance
1-28-14 Text Messages Reveal Justin Bieber Referred To Selena Gomez's Vagina As 'Talentless'
1-28-14 Apollo Nida's Arrest For $3,000,000 Identity Theft Scheme Could Send Him Back To Prison And Bankrupt His Family
1-27-14 The 'Real Housewives Of Atlanta' Hotel Fight Gets Ugly With A Broken Rib And Broken Friendships
1-24-14 Meeting Muhammad Ali
1-24-14 Reports Indicate Jay-Z Was Deliberately Left Off The Guest List For Michelle Obama's Birthday Party At The White House
1-24-14 Justin Bieber's Dad Being Criticized For Blocking Off Road In Miami For Him To Drag Race Leading To Arrest
1-24-14 Justin Bieber Arrested For Drag Racing Drunk And High On Millionaire's Row In Miami Beach And Resisting Arrest (Video)
1-24-14 Chris Brown’s Career On The Rise Again As He Scores #1 Song While Rihanna’s Sales Continue To Decline
1-23-14 Love And Hip Hop New York Is More Proof Rappers Cheat On Their Women
1-23-14 Joan Rivers Was Wrong To Call Kim Kardashian And Kanye West's Baby North West ‘Ugly’
1-22-14 How To Reap The Benefits Of Boxing While Avoiding The Pitfalls
1-20-14 Martin Luther King Jr’s Message Of Peace And Equality Still Resonates Today
1-20-14 Could Problems In Gabrielle Union's Personal Life Be Affecting Her Show As 'Being Mary Jane' Plunges In The Ratings
1-20-14 Whitney Houston's Daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown Got Married Without A Prenup Regarding Her $20,000,000 Trust Fund
1-17-14 Madonna’s Rabbi Yehuda Berg Sued For Sexual Assault And Threatening To Beat And Kill Student At The Kabbalah Center For Not Having Sex With Him
1-17-14 Google Sued After Defying Two Court Subpoenas To Conceal The Identity Of A Member Of Madonna's Kabbalah Center Who Published A Fraudulent Child Porn Website In A Rival Singer's Name Containing Inflammatory Items Against Al Qaeda To Endanger Her Safety
1-17-14 President Obama Calls For Reform Of The NSA After Spying Scandal
1-17-14 Police Officer Under Investigation For Lying That Chris Brown Assaulted Man In Washington
1-17-14 Bad News For Rihanna As Chris Brown And Karrueche Tran Are Planning To Start Having Babies
1-16-14 Justin Bieber's Friend Lil Za Plays The Race Card After Drug Arrest
1-16-14 Obama Brings Up The Bulls During Miami Heat Visit To The White House (Video)
1-16-14 Karrueche Tran Helping Chris Brown Find A New House
1-16-14 Some Are Claiming Rapper Lil Za Is Taking The Fall For Justin Bieber But Is He
1-14-14 Karrueche Tran Is A Money Earner While Chris Brown Is On Lockdown In Rehab
1-14-14 Justin Bieber Friend Lil Za Arrested At His House And Then Again In Jail
1-14-14 Cocaine Found In Justin Bieber's House During Raid By The Los Angeles Police Citing Felony Charges
1-13-14 Site Hacked Twice By Madonna's Kabbalah Center Hackers
1-13-14 Floyd Mayweather's Ex-Girlfriend Princess Love Dropped From Reality Show That Ray J Bails On
1-13-14 Gabrielle Union Blames Her Self For The Breakdown In Her Relationship With Dwyane Wade Which Led To Side Chick Aja Metoyer Getting Pregnant
1-13-14 Whitney Houston’s Mother Is Mad That Her Granddaughter Bobbi Kristina Brown Married A Man Deemed A Gold Digger
1-10-14 Gabrielle Union Reveals Dwyane Wade Used His Sons To Propose To Her And Clearly Against Their Mother’s Wishes
1-10-14 Chris Brown’s Girlfriend Karrueche Tran Lands New Endorsement Deal To The Resentment Of Rihanna Fans
1-9-14 Obama Rushes To Slam Scathing Statements In Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates' New Book
1-9-14 One Of America's Most Popular Governors Chris Christie Is In Trouble Over Road Closures To Spite Local Mayor Which Led To Sick Woman's Death
1-9-14 Exclusive: Rihanna's Record Label Has Warned Her Again To Let Go Of Chris Brown Stating He Is Bad For Her Career And Forthcoming CD
1-9-14 Rihanna Chooses A New Crush Who Looks A Lot Like Singer Chris Brown
1-8-14 Aja Metoyer The Mother Of Dwyane Wade's New Baby States She Cheated With Him During His Marriage To Siohvaughn Funches And Relationship With Gabrielle Union
1-7-14 Brain Dead 13-Year-Old Jahi McMath Moved From Hospital And Is Rapidly Deteriorating
1-7-14 Chris Brown Is Moving House But Will Rihanna Who Left Her Home Move Near Him As Well
1-7-14 The Mother Of Dwyane Wade's New Baby Boy In Line To Receive $50,000 Per Month In Child Support Checks
1-7-14 Manny Pacquiao Wants Out Of His Boxing Contract With Promoter Bob Arum Which Would Pave The Way For Fight Against Floyd Mayweather
1-6-14 Floyd Mayweather Slams Manny Pacquiao And Clowns Amir Khan Stating He's Lying About Boxing Contract To Fight Him
1-6-14 The Mother Of Dwyane Wade's New Baby Boy Slams Him And Fiancée Gabrielle Union On Twitter In Explosive Tirade
1-3-14 Rihanna's Ex-Boyfriends Have All Found Other People But She Has Not Waiting For Chris Brown
1-3-14 Gabrielle Union Is Jealous Of Aja Metoyer The Mother Of Dwyane Wade’s New Baby Boy
1-2-14 Look Away Rihanna As Chris Brown Tongue Wrestles Karrueche Tran On New Years
1-1-14 Beyonce Busted Lying About Her Age Again
1-1-14 Dwyane Wade's New Son With Side Chick Aja Metoyer Conceived During His Relationship With Gabrielle Union



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